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Security on Both the Entrance and Exit Gates is Paramount

Security on Both the Entrance and Exit Gates is Paramount

Security is the biggest concern when you need to your store your items in a self storage unit. The last thing you want is someone coming in and stealing your items especially if you can’t keep watch on them twenty-four hours a day. Even though those items are in storage, they are still very valuable to you. Replacing them will cost you money and time. That is why it is so important to have security on both the entrance and exit gates. That way if a thief manages to get through the front gate, he can’t necessarily get out the back gate without knowing the code.

Coded gates are an important security option when choosing a Kissimmee self storage warehouse facility. Most facilities will have a coded front gate but very few have a coded exit gate installed. In fact, it is relatively easy for someone to sneak in through the front gate. All the thief has to do is to wait for a car of someone who knows the code to go in. The thief then follows in behind and now they have unauthorized access to the self storage facility. However, with a coded exit gate it is not that easy for the thief to leave.

Many times, self storage units are seen as an easy target for thieves. The relative simplicity of following a car in and the simple snap of a pair of bolt cutters makes them an easy get in and out type of job. That is until the thief tries to leave with his loot out of a coded exit gate. Without the knowledge of the code, the thief can’t leave with his loot. A random punching of numbers will alert the storage personal and the would-be thief is caught red-handed.

Putting security on only the entrance is leaving the back door wide open for easy getaways. The key is to have a security code on both gates for maximum security of a self storage facility. You have to the one that has both to keep your things safe. This way you aren’t throwing away needless money and time trying to replace your valuable objects.