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How to Install Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen remodel can be done much easier if you use assembled kitchen cabinets. Many people assume it will cost less refacing the current cabinetry but that’s not necessarily true. If you take care of the project yourself without outsourcing to a professional, you can give your kitchen a face lift relatively cheap. While this is a big job, it is not as hard as you probably think.


Using a measuring tape, record the length of your cabinets. Most are a standard size and pretty predictable but you don’t need any surprises. When in doubt, don’t let your pride stand in the way of simply taking the cabinet with you to the store to compare. You are not the only person who has done this!


Purchase your assembled cabinets as well as other supplies that you’ll need such as a power drill, level shims, wood screws, measuring tape and a jigsaw. Most of these items you should be able to pick up on sale at a discount store.


If you are replacing previous cabinets, remove them as well as your countertop. If not, you will be able to skip this step. It is important to note that these assembled packages are not exclusive to the kitchen and can be used in the laundry room, bathroom or even as garage cabinets and storage.


Always install your upper cabinets first, this way you aren’t forced to lean over the lower ones when trying to work in tight spaces. Using a level, draw yourself a visible chalk line. When the cabinets are propped up on the wall, you will mount them by drilling into studs when possible. Never install your shelves or doors until the cabinets are on the walls, this reduces the weight you have to work with.

Your lower cabinets get a little tricky because fitting them has to be precise or your countertop will be crooked. Use wood shims to make sure that each cabinet is flush with one another. Keep in mind, they may not be flush with your walls since these are rarely made straight. Don’t worry about a little gap, it will be hidden with your countertop and backsplash.


While installing assembled kitchen cabinets is not too difficult, you may want to have someone help you. It is a job that goes smoother with four hands rather than two. Additionally, always make use of wall studs and anchor cabinets to one another. Lastly, cut away outlet or pipe access holes before you mount them to make your job easier.