Personal Finance Tips – Strategies to Save Money and Plan

Personal debt has been getting out of control for the last ten years or so, and is something that is not going to go way anytime soon. The use of credit cards, store cards and personal loans has become an integral part of society. Lenders are borrowing out more money then what most people can afford (leading to bankrupts) many people were getting more and more credit cards to try to get out of dept with lower interest rates but just getting further in dept due to paying on longer terms and paying more in interest. This is always not the answer; if your pay more than the minimum balances you can possible pay it off faster and pay less.

The first step you need to do is figure out how much your bills are. If you have a lot of credit cards with high interest rates then your best option may be to look in to different kinds of loans to combine all the credit cards together so you have one payment, you could instantly be saving money monthly. Additionally, by putting all your credit card debts into one loan, your monthly new payment could be lower than the total you where paying before. Once you pay off your cards, it is important to close most of them out, try to keep one for emergency only and hide it from yourself so you’re not tempted to use it remember it’s for emergency only. Keeping them is tempting you to use them, therefore putting you further in dept and possible damaging your credit history

By Suzana