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How to Use Your Credit Card Overseas?

How to Use Your Credit Card Overseas?

A credit card is the most secure method for using money when traveling overseas. However, you need to make sure your current card is proper for such use.

o As a precaution, inform your card company about your planned trip abroad. If you don’t, they may notice charges originating from outside the country and suspend your card privileges until they are able to reach a determination about what is happening. This is an easy precaution that can avoid a ton of frustration. Imagine having your credit card refused overseas. Don’t overlook this safeguard in your travel plans. All it takes is a phone call to let them know where you will be going.

o Make certain that your card is accepted where you are going. Simple, but this is another important precaution.

o Double-check all the information pertaining to the use of your credit card abroad. Go to your card issuer’s website and research their policies, limitations, and requirements for use of your credit card overseas. If something is unclear to you, call customer service and ask questions. It will be easier to reach your card issuer from home than from a foreign country.

o Check on fees for withdrawing money from ATMs while you’re away. There could be really big charges involved in using overseas ATMs.

o Familiarize yourself with the exchange rate. Be crystal clear as to what basis your card issuer will use to charge your rate of exchange.

o Find out what telephone number you should use to contact your card issuer from your destination. Keep that number on your person at all times in case of a problem. Remember, your card will probably be your main currency while you are away.

o Know your credit limit. You can’t overspend overseas. Also make sure your card does not expire while you’re on your trip.

o Save all your receipts. You should always do this anyway.

o Check every bill before you sign for it. This is also something you should always do, habitually.

Overall, take every precaution you would when making purchases at home, only doubly so. Your credit card is a great tool for traveling overseas. Just remember that not every merchant, cab driver, or street vendor will accept your card. You will need to keep a measure of local currency on you as well as your credit card.

Above all, prepare for the trip and rest assured that you have handled all travel precautions pertaining to your credit card use abroad before departure. Now, it’s time to enjoy your trip!