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How to Avoid Problems With Self-Storage

How to Avoid Problems With Self-Storage

George Carlin famously lamented about always having to find a “place for his stuff.” We can laugh, probably because we can sympathize with his dilemma. Sometimes we have so much stuff we don’t know whether to keep it or give it away. Eventually, self-storage may become an option if we are reluctant to hold a garage sale. If that’s the case, there are things to know in order to avoid problems with your storage space and damage to your personal items.

You may decide to place certain things in a storage facility, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are casting these items away. People use storage for different reasons – it may serve as a temporary hold while you transition to a new place to live, or you may have inherited some furniture and goods from a relative and you need time to sort through everything. However you end up renting a storage unit, you want to be certain to avoid issues that make your experience unnerving.

1) Avoid headaches in dealing with a storage facility by doing your research ahead of time. If you know you plan to rent space in the near future, talk to people who have rented units and ask for their opinions. If possible, ask to accompany a friend when they visit their unit so you can get a good lay of the land. This way, you can view the surroundings without feeling compelled to sit through a sales pitch. Later on, if you’re impressed, you can go back and consult with the manager.

2) Avoid damage to your delicate items by using secure storage boxes and stacking boxes correctly so that there are no risks for falling items. If you have furniture and boxed goods to go in the same space. Use the furniture as makeshift shelving to support the boxes, and make sure everything is dry and clean when it’s packed.

3) Avoid wasting time searching for one thing in a confusing mess by properly organizing your stuff in the unit. Label boxes clearly with large letters, or use a numbering system and record everything that goes in a specific box. This way, you’re not killing an hour opening and closing boxes looking for that one thing.

When you know what to avoid when renting self-storage space, you’ll find the process of getting a unit and keeping it stock will make your life feel less cluttered.