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Garage Shelving Ideas to Be Proud of

Garage Shelving Ideas to Be Proud of

It is common in America for a garage to be home for just about everything, except a car that is. All too often the garage, designed for the family automobiles, gets cluttered with all sorts of paraphernalia that was intended for the house or even garden. Unpacked packing boxes and cartons from moving, kids disused toys, a spare fold up bed, luggage used once or twice a year: all can take up valuable space in the garage while the car, or cars, sits outside in all weathers.

The sad thing is that this problem with garage storage is so easy to sort out, and overcome once and for all. A little time devoted to putting together some garage shelving ideas can bring quick rewards, if you plan what storage you really need and then choose the appropriate systems. In no time at all you can have a clear garage that you will be proud for visitors to see, especially if they have to pass through the garage to get into your house.

Probably the best once and for all solution to garage clutter is to have an overhead racking system installed. Those heavy duty systems designed and installed by companies such as Monsterrax and SafeRacks are probably the best permanent and long term answer to garage clutter. Aerial space in the garage is probably the most wasted space in the average property, a space which you can make good use of for storage. These overhead systems can designed to suit your needs, so whatever the scale of your garage storage problems, you can usually be accommodated.

The next best alternative is wall racking or separate wall shelves, fixed to the garage wall. Whether this is good enough will depend on the nature of the items you need to store on them, but if there is nothing too large you may find that wall racks are sufficient. They do involve some work putting them up, of course, but this problem is not going to go away on its own. Freestanding racks can also be used, but will not be so secure for heavier items. Either way, you do need to ensure that the rack is stable and will safely bear the load intended.

If you have awkward items like family bikes, fishing rods, golf bags and so on, these may be accommodated by special hoists or racking systems. In fact, the bike hoists can be a great savior for families with more than one bike. Also, specialized garden tool racks may come to your aid if you are forced to keep gardening tools in the garage rather than shed.