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Top 10 Questions About SLIM +

Top 10 Questions About SLIM +

1. What is SLIM +?

SLIM + allows the body to metabolize “stored” fat and use it as immediate energy.

2. How does SLIM + work?

Introduced by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons over 50 years ago, this program has been used successfully by many thousands to release unwanted weight. It consists of a very low calorie diet (VLCD) in combination with homeopathic drops. The SLIM + weight loss program triggers the Hypothalamus to release abnormal fat stores, safely releasing anywhere from A� to 2 pounds per day while resetting metabolism.

3. How does the Hypothalamus work?

It is a collection of specialized cells located in the central part of the brain, facilitating communication between the endocrine system and the central nervous system. It is integrally involved in autonomic functions like heart rate, water balance, body temperature, sleep, metabolic processes and fat storage. It works in conjunction with the Pituitary to control all the hormones.

4. Should I check with my doctor before starting the program?

As with every new diet or exercise program, consulting your doctor before starting the SLIM + diet plan is a good idea.

5. Why has the Homeopathic SLIM + diet become so popular for weight loss?

The SLIM + diet is simple, natural and effective. It reprograms the hypothalamus and your metabolism resulting in permanent weight loss. SLIM + controls hunger and re-sculpts the body by burning excess fat stores and repositioning essential fat to areas where healthy fat stores have been lost. You even get a natural energy boost. There are no known side effects with Homeopaths and it is inexpensive.

6. Will I get hungry on 500 calories?

SLIM + signals the hypothalamus to release the excess fat stores making 1500 to 4000 calories available to the body for energy and nutrition, which naturally reduces appetite. Many people find that when they do a good job of loading up on fats in the first 2 days, their appetite is reduced quickly and they have little or no hunger going into the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD).

7. Do I have to follow a special diet?

Yes, but all the foods are easily found in any grocery store. Dr. Simeons spent many years perfecting the diet and it has a very high rate of success. There are very specific proteins, vegetables and fruits in very specific amounts that are essential for the success of the protocol. This diet excludes all sugar and starch. No alcohol is permitted in the first stages. There are multiple benefits to this diet including Detox, Candida cleanse and establishing a healthy, balanced way of eating for life. It is life changing.

8. How long should I be on the diet/program?

People who want to lose 5 to 15 pounds require 26 days. Those wanting to lose more than 15 pounds require up to 40 days. Additional courses can be done for further weight loss with the break between each course lengthening.

9. Can this program help correct the damage done from my past dieting?


10. I’m a vegetarian. Can I still do the SLIM + diet?


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When Your Credit Report is Pulled by Unauthorized People

When Your Credit Report is Pulled by Unauthorized People

Your credit report is absolutely a private document. It contains sensitive information about your financial standing and your financial history. It is maintained by credit bureaus but you a right to keep its confidentiality. It can be accessed only by someone who is specifically permitted by you. A few law enforcement agencies can also pull it. No one else is allowed to view it.

However, sometimes people access it without any authorization for fraudulent purposes. For example, insurance companies may pull it to find out whether you are financially weak to accept a low settlement offer. Lenders may try to view it to find out whether you qualify for a loan even before your application goes to them. Some agencies may access it to find out your shopping habits and your spending patterns. All these attempts are illegal and there is a law to punish such people.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is there to protect you. If any organization or an individual attempts to get a copy of your credit report without a legitimate reason or for wrongful purposes, such offenses are punishable with heavy fines and imprisonment up to one year.

How to locate such people?

You should be able to find out who has accessed your credit report by reading carefully the report itself. In your report you will find names of all the organization or individuals who have pulled your report. You will come to know easily who has done it without your permission or illegally.

Once you come to know about such incidence, you should contact such organization or individual in writing and ask them why their name appears on your credit report. Sometimes it may be a genuine mistake. However, in most of the times it is a deliberate attempt to harm your financial life. In such circumstances you may not even get a reply to your letter.

If you are sure that your report is pulled out by such people without your permission or for no apparent reason, you should see a lawyer. You are rightfully entitled for compensation against such violation of your rights even though there is no direct damage consequent to such unauthorized access. You are also entitled to punitive damages and all out of pocket expenses like fees of your lawyer from such fraudulent people.

So you should regularly check your credit report. If you find someone accessing your report fraudulently, be assured that the law is on your side to protect you.…

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The Benefits Of Self Storage With Home Pickup Service

The Benefits Of Self Storage With Home Pickup Service

Moving from one home to another has never been easy. Thanks to the self storage, families no longer have to worry so much about finding a safe place to temporarily store their personal and valuable belongings. At the same time, they need not burden themselves with carrying and transporting huge boxes from their home to the storage facility and to their new home because some providers offer a pickup service. Indeed, it has been proven by new and repeat customers that utilizing a self storage is a very convenient and secure option of keeping personal items whether for a short term or for the long term.

A storage provider that offers a home pickup service is common these days. When choosing for a particular facility, make sure you ask about this. A service-oriented company should be able to tell you right away about the areas they cover and help you in determining the number of containers you will need. Other aspects that would tell you a provider is values its clients is when it openly discusses its rental fees not only for their units but also for their packing supplies and delivery fees as well as how you can arrange for a pickup and delivery of your things.

Once you have chosen a particular facility that meets your requirements, you have to start packing your things. If you’re a person who has accumulated so many items through the years, it will be a good idea to first dispose of the unnecessary ones through a garage sale. This way, you still gain a little income from your stuff you no longer need. You can hold the garage sale either at your own yard or at a community center to attract more people.

When packing your belongings, always remember to organize. Sort things properly and put them in the appropriate boxes in a way that won’t get them damaged during storage. Wrap delicate and fragile items using bubble wrap and old newspaper and place Styrofoam or cardboards in between glass items and on all sides of the box.

Another important step to keep in mind is to avoid putting heavy items in one box. This will not only be hard for you to carry but will only readily damage your box because of the weight. If you have numerous books that you still want to keep, distribute them to several boxes. You can even use them to protect fragile items by putting them on the bottom and on the sides of the box.

After you’ve packed everything you need to store, label each box properly on all sides if possible and seal them with a packing tape. You can then call your self storage company and arrange a day and time for your boxes to be picked up and transported to the facility.

Never forget, though, to sign a contract with your chosen provider. Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions particularly the delivery time and date aspect. Putting everything in writing will protect you and your items for any problems later on.…

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Self Storage FAQs

Self Storage FAQs

When you make the decision of storing your goods with a self storage facility then there are many questions that you would want answered if it is your first time. This article deals with a few frequently asked questions for self storage facilities. What are the options available to you and how you should go about this process.

FAQs about Self Storage Facilities

Qs.1 Do storage facilities offer services to both commercial as well as household customers?

Ans: Yes storage facilities do offer services to both commercial enterprises as well as for household customers. Commercial offices can have tie ups with storage facilities instead of storing their goods with warehouses.

Qs.2 Do storage facilities offer moving trucks?

Ans: Most storage facilities offer the services of moving trucks that can be rented for a fee. Some facilities even offer this service for free if the units rented are many. You can either get a chauffeur driven van or you can self drive the vehicle which further reduces the costs.

Qs.3 What kind of security measures are available?

Ans: Security is very important at any self storage facility as there are many valuables that are all stored under one roof. Security measures vary from place to place but the basic security measures should include video cameras especially at entry and exit points, CCTV, security personnel, locks on the unit doors, fencing around the grounds, fire alarm, etc.

Qs.4 Do I need to buy my own packing material?

Ans: No you don’t have to buy your own packing materials as they can be provided by the self storage facility.

Qs.5 What packing material do I need for storage?

Ans: You will require an assortment of packing supplies as it all depends upon the articles that you want to pack. But the common ones you will require are cardboard cartons, storage boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, ropes, etc.

Qs.6 Who is an On Site Manager?

Ans: An on site manager is one who stays on the premises and is an employee of the storage company. He makes sure that the facility is running smoothly and that security is taken care of.

Qs. 7 Do storage facilities have moving carts?

Ans: Most storage facilities have moving carts for transporting goods from the hallway to the storage units. There are electronically powered carts as well as push carts that can be used by you manually.

Qs.8 How should I Choose the right packing material?

Ans: If you have no personal experience then you could consider asking the storage managers for their help. They have years of experience in this field and so know what is best and what is not.

Qs.9 What all can be stored in a Self Storage Facility?

Ans: This again varies from facility to facility and so you should confirm with them before hand. There are a few items that are generally stored in a self storage facility like:

o Household Items

o Furniture

o Appliances

o Cars

o Bikes

o RVs

o Boats

o Glass ware and Valuables

o Clothes

o And much more…

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Organize Your Messy Garage With a Dedicated Self Storage Unit

Organize Your Messy Garage With a Dedicated Self Storage Unit

The common purpose of a garage is to park the cars safely when they are not in use or to make a home gym, etc., at the place. However with the passage of time, many people convert it into universal storage space where they can put any to everything that they do not use currently.

Garage is an important part of your home, especially when you are dealing with real estate. Thus, it is a must to keep it clean and tidy, and let it be in a usable condition so that you do not lose for its payment later on. A garage can be commonly used as home gym, recreation room, office, etc. So it is suggested not to convert it into a drop box for unused storage items.

If you actually fall short of the storage space at your home, you better go for public storage rather than using home garage.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of storage unit namely public storage units and self storage units.

Benefits of Storage Units

• Separate storage facility keeping both home and garage clean and usable.

• Choose a unit as per the required space and type.

• You can access it at any point of time even not being a part of your home.

• Secured and safe storage of the valuables with provisions like CCT cameras, security guards, electronic locks, etc.

• Serve as mobile public storage.

So if you want to organize the messy garage and let it become usable again instead of being just a storage space, utilize the facilities of a suitable storage unit company.

How to Perform the Arranging Task of Garage?

If you have finalized to shift all unused items in a storage unit and reclaim your garage, follow the below steps immediately:

– Firstly, sort the contents lying in the garage. Classify them into two categories: waste items and storage items.

– Next, throw away or donate all non required and waste items and start organizing the usable items in the garage.

– Group the usable items depending upon their size, usability and similarity. Do label the boxes so that you could be able to identify the items in the boxes.

Moreover, it is easy to take them out of storage units later on.

What’s the Result?

Once you’ve shifted the items into a storage unit, you can repaint and clean the garage to be effectively used and claimed.

Thus, by using a public storage space, you have retained your garage as well as found as safe place to store the unused and rarely used items.…

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Why Rent Self Storage?

Why Rent Self Storage?

At this very difficult economic time, it’s important for people to make savings on everything that they do, this applies to everyone, from the large multi-million making businesses to the everyman, working hard to ride out the recession. One area in which everyone can make savings is by choosing a storage facility at a low cost. This would be important for businesses that hold a lot of stock or are looking to expand their offices, and can be important for the rest of us as it provides us with extra space for as little as A�5 a week in some places, which comes in extremely handy for those moments in life where we find ourselves moving house or when we need to just spread our wings a little and clear the house.

Self storage means that you can rent a secure room in a warehouse which you personally access whenever you like, and is the perfect place to keep all things big and small for your business or home, and are often run professionally and flexibly to meet your needs, offering long term leases useful for corporations to short term leases for instances such as relocation. Both long and short term leases have their own pros and cons, for example the short term lease will be cheaper but the container may not be climate controlled which could lead to problems if you are storing produce or items which need a specific environment. Long term solutions may seem more expensive and may be less flexible than a short term lease but the self storage people will make sure to reserve a secure room with the climate control as an option

The amount of professionalism extends further with most self storage companies offering removal advice and the option to provide mobile storage units, in which an entire container can be delivered to an address for your convenience. With so many low cost storage companies throughout the country I still find it hard to believe that more companies aren’t taking advantage of this little saving, especially considering the time a business could save simply by having an organised system to manage both their stock and office supply levels in the same place, and it doesn’t matter what type of business that you run, ranging from the retail of musical instruments to an entertainment company, storage offers solutions to every problem with space constraints you may have.…

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Five Reasons To Rent a Self-Storage Unit

Five Reasons To Rent a Self-Storage Unit

Are you tired of constantly tripping over things in your own home, not because the house is a mess but because you simply have too much stuff cramped in your rooms? Do people tease you about auditioning for a show like “Hoarders” because you seem to have everything in the world packed into a small space? This may be the time to consider renting a unit from a self-storage facility. Perhaps you haven’t done so yet due to the expense involved – prices will vary depending on the size of the unit and the duration of your rental. If you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons to consider going through with a rental.

1) You get your house back! If your home is cluttered with holiday decoration that see the light of day one month a year, clothes that don’t fit anybody, and other items you may not need right at this moment, what is the point of keeping them in valuable space? If you’re not ready to give up these things, but know you don’t expect to use them anytime soon, put them in storage. You can collect holiday decorations when needed, and retrieve the clothes to hand me down when it’s time. In the meantime, you create space in your home and don’t feel so closed in.

2) You provide a secure place for your stuff. Many reputable self-storage units are equipped with security cameras and locks, so you can feel better about keeping certain things out of the home. If you have antique furniture or other items you want to store for later use, the storage unit provides for a secure environment for your belongings.

3) It’s not as expensive as you think it is. Depending on what you have and the size of unit you want, you may pay as little as fifty dollars a month to store your goods. If you are military, you may receive discounts. Do your research to see what storage companies are charging, and work it into your budget.

4) If you live in an area susceptible to bad weather, you may find the durability of a storage unit is better for some of your items than your garage. Furniture is better off stored in a facility that is temperature controlled and secure.

5) Lastly, you owe it to yourself to live in a less cluttered environment. When you make the space, you also improve your quality of life. You’ll feel less agitated and annoyed by clutter, and productivity and attitude will improve.

Consider renting a storage unit for the stuff you don’t need on a daily basis. Storage is safe, affordable, and helps keep your home cleaner.…