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Becoming A Notary In Florida Is Easy

Are you interested in being a Notary Public in Florida? Being a notary is a useful skill and can open up new job opportunities or lead to an enjoyable side business. The process takes a few weeks and consists of several steps. Here’s what you need to know to learn how to become a notary in Florida.


The first step is to determine whether you’re eligible to be a notary. Those requirements can be found on the Florida Department of State’s website. If you meet the requirements and wish to continue, your next steps will be to find a bonding agency, obtain a notary bond and take a training class, if you are a first-time notary. If not, you may be able to skip the training class. The class takes approximately three hours and can be done online or in a classroom locally. You can ask your bonding agency for details.


After completing the training class, you must fill out and sign the application, but don’t send it until you’ve completed and signed the paperwork for the notary bond. Note that there is a state fee of $39.00 to apply, and someone who has known you for more than one year must fill out a special section called the Affidavit of Character.


Your next step is to swear the oath of office stated in the notary application and afterwards sign the surety bond you previously obtained. Then submit the paperwork through the bonding agency and wait a few weeks for the state to process your application. If you are approved, you may complete the final step of ordering your notary supplies: your logbook and stamp, and any seals you may wish to use. You’ll receive these items through your bonding agency, who will also give you your notary commission.

Hopefully you are now more aware of what it takes to become a notary in Florida. Armed with this information, you could be on your way to building a skill that is useful to both your community and yourself.…

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Master Your File Organization

If it takes you several hours to gather your tax return paperwork, it may be time to invest in a couple of used office file cabinets. A well planned and thought-out organization system saves you time and reduces stress.

Invest in Separate Business and Home Files

Keeping your home and business files separate makes it easier to manage your legal and financial affairs. Courts will more easily accept business expenses that are clearly separated from your personal matters. In the event of an audit, you want to direct the inspector to the relevant material. If the audit involves your business, there is no reason to give the inspector access to your child’s grade school report cards.

Develop a Logical File System

Make a list of the kinds of papers that you plan to store in your file cabinet. From this list, form broad categories that encompass the items you wish to store. These categories will correspond to the hanging file folders.

You want to strike a balance between broad categories that you can search through quickly in the drawer and narrower terms that more specifically name folder contents. If your terms are too specific, you will wind up with a folder for each sheet of paper. When you pull your 2017 tax returns, you probably prefer to have all related documents in the same folder. On the other hand, a folder labeled “stuff” becomes a catch-all dumping ground and defeats the purpose of file organization.

You may want to borrow the technique of card sorting from user experience design to help you make logical groupings. In this method, you write your items individually on index cards. Then, you sort the index cards into categories that make sense to you. If more than one person will use your filing system, ask other people to perform card sorts as well.

Keep your sanity and work today on a file organization system that works for you.…

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The 4 Step Process for Securing a Check Advance Loan

People are often warned against using check advances, but when used responsibly, these micro-loans can really help you get through some difficult times. However, as with any loan program, there is a process you have to go through, but thankfully, the process for acquiring payday loans is straightforward.

1. Apply

When looking into a check advance mississippi you will most likely find that there are two ways of applying with almost all service providers. First, you can apply in-person, which also means that you may be able to get your money at the same time. Next, you can apply online, which means that funds will likely be transferred into your bank account the following business day.

2. Sign the Agreement

Once you fill in your application for the payday loan, you will need to agree to the terms of the loan by signing the agreement. As this is a contract, you would be wise to read through it and make sure that you understand all of your obligations. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them before signing and receiving the money.

3. Receive Funds

Next, after the application has been filled out and you have signed all of the necessary paperwork, you will receive the funds. Depending on how you applied for the loan, you may get the money the same day or the following business day.

4. Repay Your Loan

Last, you will repay your loan. The repayment schedule depends on the loan servicer as well as your payday schedule. Some services make loans for 30 days regardless of when you get paid, and others offer loans for how your pay is dispersed, meaning that if you are paid every two weeks, then your loan will need to be paid the same.

Check advance loan providers are not the boogeymen that so many people make them out to be. These businesses provide a service for an underserved consumer. If you need immediate financial assistance, then reach out to a check advance lender and apply.…