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Self Storage Units – Are They the Answer to Your Space Problem?

Self Storage Units – Are They the Answer to Your Space Problem?

Self storage units are a great invention for those of us who find that our belongings have outgrown our homes. Or perhaps you run a home business and are forever tripping over inventory or equipment. These facilities are generally let on a month by month basis. Most units are accessible during working hours and some are available at the weekend. You don’t need to worry about not being able to get to your belongings.

Security is an issue as thieves know that people use these areas to store their property. When picking your self storage unit, have a look at how secure the setting is. Is there plenty of bright lighting? Would you feel comfortable visiting on a dark winters evening? Do they have surveillance cameras? Is the entrance to the property manned by security guards or electronic gates or perhaps both?

You also need to check out insurance issues. Who is responsible for insuring your property whilst it remains in the unit? If the owner of the storage facility arranges the insurance, you need to check the details of the policy as there may be a limit on the value you can claim in the event of burglary or fire damage. If insurance is not included, check the terms of your home contents policy as you may find that you are already covered. If not, do some shopping around to get the best price.

Some self storage units are rented under contract and you may have to give notice to terminate the agreement. Others work on a month by month basis but usually you can give seven days notice and vacate with a refund of any rent you have overpaid. Check the small print of your rental agreement for details.

If you plan on renting the property for a long period of time, it makes sense to pay by direct debit or standing order direct from your bank account. Failure to make payments can result in your goods being seized and sold at a public auction to recover the monies due.

Self storage companies often offer really good deals on boxes and other packing materials which will help to keep your goods safe, dry and in good condition. You may find that they will also provide a free vehicle to help you move your property into the unit.

As with all businesses, some companies are better than others. When looking for a self storage unit, make sure you deal with a professional company offering excellent customer service.