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Unique Uses Of Storage Units Around the Globe

Unique Uses Of Storage Units Around the Globe

Self storage units are not just about storing your excess or unwanted things so as to make more space in your homes or offices. There are so many other uses of self storage other than storing your household products. Some of these unusual and unique uses may surprise you!


With increasing rent and perhaps unhappiness from the wife, some people utilise self storage as their workshop. You may need to do some large scale projects at home as a freelancer but there isn’t enough space at home and you do not have the financial means to rent a place outside. Self storage units are relatively economical and you have the flexibility to access your unit anytime, making sure that you are able to complete your project within your time frame. You can also move into your self storage unit almost immediately if you wish to and you are able to simply rent it for a couple of months, eliminating the need to be tied down to a lengthy contract.

Art gallery

In some expensive cities like London and Tokyo, some aspiring artists rent self storage and convert them into an art gallery to showcase their works and hopefully get spotted and gain fame. Self storage units have moisture and temperature control features that are able to keep the paintings in a pristine condition and the security features make them well received by the aspiring artists.

Photograph studio

Converting a self storage unit into a photography studio is a very common thing in places such as America. The photography equipment such as the camera and lighting is already very expensive and many photographers are unwilling to spend more on their studio. They also want a place that has flexible rental terms and offers decent security features given their valuable equipment. Self storage units are thus able to provide them with what they need.

Online business

Some online business utilise self storage units as a place where they not only keep their goods, but also do photo shoots for their products. They also hire customer service officers who will answer queries about products and this will not only lower business overheads but also allow them to work anytime they want and access their goods anytime they need to.

There are so many unique uses of self storage units around the world and they are not only used as a personal storage means, but they can also be studios, art galleries and even a base for an online business. Self storage offers a whole lot of flexibility that people needs in this age and time.