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Trend In Self Storage Use In Australia And New Zealand

Trend In Self Storage Use In Australia And New Zealand

Australians and New Zealanders are among the growing number of people using self storage units worldwide today. They find these spaces useful in their lives particularly among homeowners who have so much stuff personal items to keep.

A 2010 study, the largest to be conducted in these two countries, showed a 17 increase in the number of self storage renters. The research also noted a rise in the number of facilities compared to the previous years. Since 2006, the researchers found a significant change in the perception of people when it comes to using self storage and the motivation behind using such facilities.

In terms of users, the demand study revealed 5.7 percent of the population in Australia and New Zealand are now using self storage. The figure is up from 3 percent in 2006 and 4.3 percent in 2008. Among consumers likely to rent a unit, more than half or 50.7 percent search for facilities on the internet.

Attitude-wise, renters often stick to the same facility for the long term. The findings showed that 39.9 percent of customers surveyed had stored items in the same facility in the past. Compared to 2008, the figure went up from 20.4 percent.

In terms of their financial status, a large portion of renters are earning close to or above the Australian adult ordinary time earnings level. The annual income of people who belong to this level is $64,683.

Various types of self storage are available in the countries down under. These are the household, business storage, vehicles, documents, box and wine storage.

One of the main reasons why many Aussies and New Zealanders are using these facilities is the convenience they provide. Renters have the key and they alone have that and therefore, they have total control when it comes to accessing the unit. The best part is they can go to their unit and add or retrieve stuff without having to pay additional fees.

Affordability is another factor that attracts consumers to rent a unit where they can safely keep their personal possessions. Since you pay only for the time you use it, you need not pay for a long term contract that can take a year or two.

The terms are flexible as well allowing them to use the space for as short or as long as they need it. And when the time comes that you need additional space, you can always upgrade to a bigger unit that can accommodate your items. On the other hand, you can also move to a smaller unit when you have lesser items to store temporarily.

Self storage is a growing industry in the Asia Pacific region as more facilities are being set up to cater to more people needing a safe place to temporarily store their belongings. A Self Storage Association of Australasia is in existence to regulate operators. Majority of operators or 85 percent are members of t his association including major players such as Rent a Space, Fort Knox, Storage King, Kennards and National Storage.