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The Most Convenient Storage

The Most Convenient Storage

Storage units are beginning to transform into much more convenient areas for storing items for either domestic or business purposes. UK storage companies were often large warehouses with several floors and corridors which users had to travel down in order to safely store their belongings. However, storage companies are now slowly starting to adopt the American method of unit storage. This is a much more convenient, particularly for storing large items such as, furniture, machinery and vehicles, as you can drive right up to your unit and collect or drop off your goods.

These storage units are also featuring a high level of security, with 24/7 CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and secure gates. You will also be given a pin code for your particular unit, which you can access 24 hours a day. It’s not to dissimilar to a rented garage, only with high tech security, great value for money, and a clean and dry unit to safely store your belongings.

Perhaps you are downsizing your home and don’t want to part with all your furniture, or maybe your moving abroad for some time or going travelling. These units are great way of storing any items, large or small. Perhaps you don’t want to part with all your old school work, storage units can provide a great area for storing documents, as many will feature racking systems; however you are also welcome to bring your own shelves or filing systems. When selecting your unit, you will be given the choice of a single, double or extra large double unit, featuring extra large access doors, ideal for storing machinery and other particularly large also often come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your needs and requirements.

Many unit companies also offer packing supplies, which can be extremely useful in helping you with your move. These include storage and archive boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive tapes, pallet wrapping and padlocks for your unit, all excellent quality and available at a small charge. Many unit storage companies are also now offering insurance at a small charge, ideal for expensive items, although this is not a must have, as all storage units offer high quality security systems.

Self storage units are also ideal for businesses as well as domestic use. Unlike the traditional storage warehouses, the new system offers storage for businesses with no commitment, meaning you can change to a smaller or larger unit at any time depending on your business needs. Many self storage companies are even now offering distribution services and will even take deliveries on your behalf. Choosing unit self storage for your business is a great way of storing extra stock and making more space in your offices. Many businesses are also now using this system for exhibition equipment, due to the units ease of access and value for money.

Although these new storage units are created with a do it yourself, easy access approach, there are always friendly and reliable staff around to give you a helping hand or offer advice with any queries you may have.

These new units are a worthwhile option for their incredible ease of use. With the old fashioned styled storage warehouses, hours of your time could be wasted lifting boxes and furniture down corridors and up and down lifts. Even if it means travelling a few extra miles, opt for the new self storage units and make moving home easier.