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Surprise! Your Friends Came – Declutter the Room in 1 Minute

Surprise! Your Friends Came – Declutter the Room in 1 Minute

Your friends decided to surprise you. First Thoughts: “Oh my God, I’m so happy!” Second thought: “My cluttered room is now not the best place for the party time” Time saving storage’s is the right choice if you want to start the party time ASAP.

Choose storage boxes or hangers:

A. Colorful

B. Not transparent

C. Fixed shape

D. Big size

E. Box with the lid

A. The box should be colorful

Why should boxes be colorful?

What would you think look better: the storage with ordinary beige color or unique box that adds style to your room? No one would even guess that the colorful glamorous box in the corner has all clutter from your room. So, colorful storage box is tip number one. The color should be harmonized with your room.

If you have pink walls, then to find the storage bag colored in pink is your goal. I found several beautiful storage boxes on eBay, Amazon, IKEA. You just need to choose the most convenient store near your house or with the free delivery to you and that’s it. Buy the colorful storage that will save your time and will look perfect!

B. Not transparent box

The storage box should not be transparent Did you ever hide the clutter to your closet? The clutter is inside the closet now, but you don’t see it. What a relief! That’s the point to buy the storage box or hanger that is not transparent.

When you will have just 60 seconds to clean your room, then such a box will be you savior. Now imagine the box is colorful and not transparent, so there is no way the friend would know about your cluttered room 1 minute ago:)

C. Fixed shape

The box should be with fixed shape I don’t really know how to say correctly about the shape of the boxes. I mean the storage here should be strong and fixed. For example, when you clean your house and put all stuff in the soft bag, then the clutter is still seen. But when you throw your clothes and needless things in the fixed shaped box the room would look perfect.

Moreover, it is easier and much faster to throw things to such box. So remember point 3 – the storage box should be massive.

D. Big size

The box should be big Imagine that you have a hanger with 80 pockets. How would you act when friend will come to you but you need to have your room cleaned in 60 seconds? I think you would panic. “Oh, my bag and shoes, and candles. Candles? Whatever, where should I hide them?”

The fourth tip for time saving with the storage box is the size of it. Choose the big, colorful, not transparent box and with the fixed shape.

E. Box with the lid

Hide your clothes in storage box with the lid

Buy the box with the lid.

You need to hide the things and the lid will solve the problem.

But you should find the proper size of a storage.

You better know how many clothes cluttered you room.

So choose the storage box that will fit.


I live in a small rented apartment. And very often I don’t have the place for all my stuff. Friends like to make surprises because they usually are very busy, in addition my time is also limited. So when they have any free time they visit me. I want to see them but don’t want them to see the clutter.

That’s why I was inspired to write this post. Hope you liked my tips. See you!:)