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Storage Units – Storage Made Easy

Storage Units – Storage Made Easy

There can be a number of reasons behind using self storage units for home remodeling, military deployment, moving, a major life change like divorce or some business purpose. While renting it, the most important factor that nearly all of us would consider is the security. All of us use storage warehouses to make sure that the belongings are not stolen by some outsider or insider. However, every storage facility does not offer the same kind of security and it is only tenants who can rightly determine if the place is tenable enough for their belongings.

Need Of Security

So what all factors one needs to consider for making sure that the storage unit rented is a secured premise? Modern storing facilities make use of state-of-the-art security features in order to convince tenants. After all, not even a single tenant would like to lease a storing unit that is not good enough to protect their belongings. A good storage warehouse provides controlled access feature.

Features Of A Good Storage Unit

Storage units are available in assorted sizes and can be used for both residential as well as business tenants. Generally people use a 10X5X1.5 feet size but larger sizes are also available and you can accommodate more material in it. The largest size that is available is 20X20 feet. These units are generally built up using corrugated metal and do not have any space for ventilation. In fact, the only way to access the storage units is through the roll up door that is made of metal.

Storage units also feature protective locks so that your belongings remain secure. These units can only be accessed by the tenant or lessee. Faculty operators do not have any right to see or use the contents that are placed inside it. The operator of the storage warehouse can only take control or custody over the contents that are placed inside it if the lessee is unable to pay the rent that was imposed. Modern storage facilities also enable computer controlled access to protect your belongings in it. Surveillance cameras are installed in all corners of the storage warehouse in order to provide additional security. A lot of storage companies also use biometric scanners in order to make sure that it is only the tenant who has access to a particular one.

Storage facilities do not permit you to store toxic, explosive and perishable stuff inside it. There are some storage units in which you can keep some perishable stuff and in these storage warehouses, various modern facilities like RV Storage, Boat Storage, Furniture Storage, garage storage and a climate-control system is used so that there is no moisture buildup and mold growth on the belongings. A temperature between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained so that environmental factors do not harm your belongings. However, you cannot sleep or reside inside these units. The best and most reputable storage companies provide enough assistance to their customers such as free packaging, bubble wraps and boxes. Vans and trucks are also provided free of cost and there is no requirement of transporting your stuff from your house to the storage warehouse yourself.