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Storage Containers Can Help You Organize What Is Most Important

Storage Containers Can Help You Organize What Is Most Important

Face it, not everybody wants or needs to have an organized sock drawer. If you only have a single tie, you don’t need to purchase the best tie organizer that holds up to a hundred ties. The key to getting organized and purchasing the best storage containers depends more on you, your personality, and your goals and less on what popular opinion thinks you need. Before you start going all out on what could end up as a failed organization cyclone of activity, take a moment to consider what part of your life or home you most want to organize. That which will be most helpful to your lifestyle, will also be the most successful.

Your first clue about where to start is what activity, or lost item, recently caused you the most frustration. Were you late for a meeting because you couldn’t find the materials that you needed to bring? Are you kids late for school every morning because their school supplies are scattered from the front door to the bathroom? Did a treasured item get damaged because it was stored in the wrong type of box? For each of these situations, there are storage containers that can be used to solve the problem.

For the best type of motivation, start with just a small project. If you choose to organize your kitchen spices, choose the right type of storage containers for that purpose and do just that one project. Don’t pressure yourself by trying to organize the entire kitchen in one session.

After that area is organized, form the habit of continuing to use those new storage containers by returning the items to their place. It usually takes six weeks to form a new habit, so be patient with yourself and just look for little victories in the organizational battle with your stuff.