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Self Storage FAQs

Self Storage FAQs

When you make the decision of storing your goods with a self storage facility then there are many questions that you would want answered if it is your first time. This article deals with a few frequently asked questions for self storage facilities. What are the options available to you and how you should go about this process.

FAQs about Self Storage Facilities

Qs.1 Do storage facilities offer services to both commercial as well as household customers?

Ans: Yes storage facilities do offer services to both commercial enterprises as well as for household customers. Commercial offices can have tie ups with storage facilities instead of storing their goods with warehouses.

Qs.2 Do storage facilities offer moving trucks?

Ans: Most storage facilities offer the services of moving trucks that can be rented for a fee. Some facilities even offer this service for free if the units rented are many. You can either get a chauffeur driven van or you can self drive the vehicle which further reduces the costs.

Qs.3 What kind of security measures are available?

Ans: Security is very important at any self storage facility as there are many valuables that are all stored under one roof. Security measures vary from place to place but the basic security measures should include video cameras especially at entry and exit points, CCTV, security personnel, locks on the unit doors, fencing around the grounds, fire alarm, etc.

Qs.4 Do I need to buy my own packing material?

Ans: No you don’t have to buy your own packing materials as they can be provided by the self storage facility.

Qs.5 What packing material do I need for storage?

Ans: You will require an assortment of packing supplies as it all depends upon the articles that you want to pack. But the common ones you will require are cardboard cartons, storage boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, ropes, etc.

Qs.6 Who is an On Site Manager?

Ans: An on site manager is one who stays on the premises and is an employee of the storage company. He makes sure that the facility is running smoothly and that security is taken care of.

Qs. 7 Do storage facilities have moving carts?

Ans: Most storage facilities have moving carts for transporting goods from the hallway to the storage units. There are electronically powered carts as well as push carts that can be used by you manually.

Qs.8 How should I Choose the right packing material?

Ans: If you have no personal experience then you could consider asking the storage managers for their help. They have years of experience in this field and so know what is best and what is not.

Qs.9 What all can be stored in a Self Storage Facility?

Ans: This again varies from facility to facility and so you should confirm with them before hand. There are a few items that are generally stored in a self storage facility like:

o Household Items

o Furniture

o Appliances

o Cars

o Bikes

o RVs

o Boats

o Glass ware and Valuables

o Clothes

o And much more