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Protection Tips For Goods in Self Storage Facilities

Protection Tips For Goods in Self Storage Facilities

This article deals with some protection tips for your goods when you are storing them in a self storage facility. It is also advisable that you do some research on how to protect your goods to the maximum lev el possible so that at least you are sure that you have taken every precaution required.

Protection Tips:

o First and foremost you need to pack your goods in the correct manner to prevent damage from moisture, dust, insects, etc. For this you will require the correct wrapping or packaging products like bubble wrap, tape, butcher’s paper, removalist felt, cardboard cartons, storage boxes, plastic sheets, fabric sheets, drop sheets, etc.

o Make sure you protect your fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or butcher’s paper. Also make sure you label the boxes holding the fragile items as such so when transferring the boxes they will be handled correctly.

o Books should be placed flat on top of each other. Not only does this save space but also ensures that the spines won’t break if they are placed in smaller boxes. Don’t pack fragile items with books.

o Make sure your clothes are clean and dry before packing them. You can place them in cedar blocks or pack in them in port-a-robes or tea chests.

o Most storage facilities ensure that the storage units are cleaned and maintained well but even then it does no harm for extra protection. So make sure that your mattresses boxes, beds, couches, have extra protection by placing cardboards or soft cloths underneath them.

o It is a good idea to separate your goods with felt blankets, cardboard, cushions or bubble wrap when moving the goods and while storing.

o Make sure that your goods are completely clean from your end before storing them so that there are no problems later. Make sure there are no food crumbs or stain on your clothes and furniture.

o Make sure when you are moving the furniture like soft couches or mattresses, they are correctly protected from rain and dirt. You get special covers for this so please ask your storage company.

o Make sure that you aren’t storing any perishable items like food, wheat bags, dried flowers, etc as this can compromise not only your storage unit but also the whole facility.

o Appliances like freezers, fridges and other white goods need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried out to avoid and bacteria growth.

o Make sure that the fridge is stored upright and not on its side as it may be damaged. You can even leave a deodoriser like baking soda in the fridge which ensures that the air remains fresh.

o Protect shelves of your furniture and ensure that the structure does not get damaged by emptying them all out completely. Everything can be re-stored once you unpack.

o Make sure the washing machine is well taken care of when in transit. Ensure that the hose is properly cleaned and dried out. You can even out the ends of the hose in plastic sandwich bags so that in case there is any left over water it won’t leak out and damage the rest of the goods.

o Store your mowers with a half empty tank and then place it on a board or a plastic sheet incase of a leakage

o It is advisable that you visit your storage facility as often as possible to check on all your goods. Also if there is a problem you can take care of it there and then so as to avoid large damage.