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Men More Likely to Hold on to the Memories

Men More Likely to Hold on to the Memories

A new survey by Access Self Storage has indicated that men are more likely to keep treasured items of sentimental value than women.

The firm polled both male and female students – a group most likely to use self-storage units – and asked them which three things they would wish to keep forever. Over two thirds of male respondents (67 percent) said that they would want to hold on to photos of their friends and family, compared to just under half of all women (49 percent).

Some 24 percent of men said that they would also like to keep a special gift forever, compared to only 11 percent of female respondents.

The ratio was reversed when 36 percent of women said that they would like to keep a favoured item of clothing, compared to just 9 percent of men. Of these items, 13 percent of women opted for a favourite pair of jeans.

When quizzed on their favourite items of technology, 37 percent of men said that they would like to keep their computer, compared to 23 percent of women. However, the differences between the sexes narrowed when it came to the crunch. When both men and women were asked to choose between keeping their laptop and mobile phone or all of their furniture, 81 percent of men and 78 percent of women chose the technology.

Access Self Storage spokeswoman Jill Martin said: “The end of the summer term is the time of year when many students are moving back home and are considering the things they want to keep but cant easily transport, and those they want to throw away.”