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How to Effectively and Efficiently Use Emailing Marketing in the Real Estate Field

When Brandon Stewart decided to make the move from the world of design to real estate, he understood how he’d need to brand his real estate agency as much as the places he was focusing on selling.

It’s crucial to keep in touch with people and let them know on a regular basis what it is that you do—especially for realtors—Brandon mentions. When it comes time for them to actually use your services, you will ideally be the person they think of first due to your consistent communication efforts.

Email marketing for real estate agents is one of the best things any marketing approach could include. With email marketing software, Brandon began producing a newsletter each month—and started sending it to his current clients. He soon discovered that by offering useful resources to existing clients, he has the chance to reach a whole new audience.

I found that if I created newsletter content that was extremely popular, people would distribute it themselves, he said. This has been invaluable. They post it to Facebook or share it with their colleagues and then their friends request a subscription. Each time I put out a letter, I find more subscribers have joined, stated Brandon.

With an email marketing software, Brandon easily inserts links and images he believes his audience is interested in. He has the ability to upload his own pictures and free up more time by sharing valuable knowledge from different trustworthy sources.

Emails have been a substantial reinforcement of the brand, Brandon describes. I receive calls from individuals I haven’t ever met on a regular basis. They see the newsletter—or one of their friends gets the newsletter—and they can see I’m the one to contact. It truly helps build credibility right away.

To boost his newsletter’s credibility, Brandon makes use of his email marketing software’s social sharing feature to post each email on his Facebook page immediately. Brandon has also recently used Facebook Ads for the first time to promote his newsletters to an even broader audience.