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Data Storage and Backups – Innovative Modern Solutions

Data Storage and Backups – Innovative Modern Solutions

Maintaining complete and accurate backups of corporate data and protecting that data against loss or failure are absolute necessities and crucial elements in any integrated information technology plan. Whether this data is maintained on or off-site, choosing the right kind of network attached storage for corporate servers is vital in order to avoid extended downtime and to protect important data against loss due to natural disasters, equipment failure and other unexpected hazards that can shut down operations for days or weeks. Especially for small businesses, the loss of revenues due to server failure can be catastrophic if complete and secure backups are not maintained on all company data.

Low-Cost Solutions

One way to protect and manage data more effectively is by using freeware products to create virtual server space on the company’s existing equipment. One useful product designed specifically for small business needs is VMware Server, which works with Linux and Windows-based systems to create isolated virtualized servers within the physical server array to allow backups and to provide redundancy for data and applications resident on the servers. Because these virtual servers are isolated from each other and can run simultaneously on the same physical computing equipment, any data loss due to corruption or malware infections cannot spread beyond the initial virtual server and can be easily remedied while maintaining operations on other virtual servers on the same machine.

Dependable Results

For larger companies and small businesses that require more features in their backup and server solution software, Symantec’s Backup Exec is one of the best and provides solid server virtualization along with automated and optimized storage through its unified archiving capability that actually allows more data storage in the same amount of disk space. Symantec’s integrated suite of backup applications includes cutting-edge data protection systems and deduplication features that help conserve valuable server space. The powerful Symantec software engine allows backups within minutes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity while protecting the company’s financial bottom line.

Hardware Solutions

Regardless of which software solution is chosen, companies should invest in reliable hardware in order to get the best results from their data storage servers. By choosing name-brand data storage, hardware companies can ensure that vital corporate data is protected against accidental loss. By maximizing available data storage and backup capacity with virtual server partitions, companies can reduce their initial hardware investment while providing comprehensive backup and storage capabilities for their entire data network.