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College Life – Closet Storage Or Self Storage?

College Life – Closet Storage Or Self Storage?

After high school, parents expect their children to proceed to college to pursue a degree. They look forward to that. The teens, for their part, also look forward to that time when they can be on their own particularly for those who are going to enroll in a college or university away from their home.

The excitement may only be for the first part, though, because the moving and enrollment stages can present some challenges. Parents may need to accompany their child in moving to their new place. They have to bring and organize their things at the dorm or apartment. They may also need to help in purchasing their basic needs such as toiletries, furniture (if you’re renting a studio pad or unfurnished apartment) and so on.

As time goes by, these college students can accumulate more stuff. It’s normal for teens to buy new clothes, accessories and books which they like. What’s bound to happen then is they can face storage problems moving onwards.

College students sharing a dorm or apartment with friends may not have sufficient storage space for their clothes and other personal items. Moving things back home may not be an ideal option especially since the youngsters may still want to use some of them.

The best solution for this situation is renting a self storage unit near the student’s school or wherever he or she may be residing. This is an affordable option than bringing home the stuff which may still be needed from time to time.

To make renting more affordable, your child can share the storage space with his friends who also need a safe place to keep their personal belongings. A great benefit of these rental units is they can be accessed by the tenants should they need to retrieve some things they want to use or add stuff in the room to store temporarily.

As long as your students label their boxes properly and divide the space where they can position their stuff, this situation will work out well for everybody. Just remind your child to make sure that he or she and their friends should assign a particular spot in the room where they should put their boxes. Then they have to label all their boxes (preferably on all sides). This way, it will be very easy for them to find their stuff every time they need something to get there or they want to add more stuff in the boxes.

The best part is some self storage facilities now allow their units to be used for other purposes apart from just keeping things there. Did you know that there are entrepreneurs now doing their business at these facilities? Some people also use the rental unit as an entertainment area where they meet with friends on a weekly basis to watch their favorite sports.

So for college students, they can choose to hold a group study in their rental unit if they need to be away at some quiet place conducive to studying. Or they can also gather with some friends there for clean fun every weekend. What counts is you first read and understand the guidelines of the facility and ask what other activities they allow there.