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3 Reasons You Need Insurance for Your Business

As a business owner, the expenses sometimes seem to outnumber the profits. There are months when you feel like you pay more bills than you recoup. When you step back and evaluate what you’re spending, you wonder if it is all necessary. One area you may want to cut out is liability insurance. It isn’t required by law, and it would save you some money every month. Before you hit the cancel button, take a look at three reasons why your business is better with insurance than without it.

1. Your Building and Contents Are Covered

If you have a property and casualty insurance policy – the most common – then not only is your building protected but so is everything in it. When looking to cut corners, consider this: If you cut out your insurance and there is a catastrophic event like a fire, you may not be able to rebuild. If any of the equipment inside your building was leased, it will also not be covered, and you’ll have to pay those financing companies for the loss. Hang on to your commercial insurance lodi ca.

2. A Slip and Fall Is Covered

If a customer comes in and slips, your insurance will cover medical expenses and any litigation required. If you drop that insurance, you will personally be on the hook for the money. By cutting out a couple of hundred dollars a month now, you could end up losing your business, your home and all your assets down the road.

3. It’s Better To Be Safe

When it comes down to it, carrying business insurance is just like any other kind: It’s cautionary. It is a way to prepare yourself in case you need to use it.

Getting a good quote on business insurance is one step to making sure your business is protected now and later. When trying to slash your business budget to save money, make sure you don’t get rid of your casualty insurance.