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Using Garage Storage To De-Clutter The Home

Using Garage Storage To De-Clutter The Home

Storage of excess household goods is a problem for most people because as the years go by, they tend to accumulate more and more things without discarding the old stuff. Whereas the larger goods such as furniture items can be stored in self storage units, the smaller items seem to clutter the home and are more difficult to find when they are needed. Garage storage, if organized right, can provide the right solution for this problem. Many people make the garage a dingy place full of dead space and dirt. It is used as dumping ground for items that need repair or need to be thrown away.

Using Garage For Storage

A garage can be a great asset for adding considerable amount of storage space to any home. The original concept of a garage is to use it as a place for parking the car when it is not in use, but most people leave their cars outside with the intention of utilizing the space offered by the empty garage as an extra storage space. Leaving the car in the open is also not very desirable, as it will be vulnerable to adverse weather conditions and theft. If it is not to be used for a long time, it should be kept in a car storage unit. Similarly RVs should be kept in RV storage unit and boats can be kept in boat storage.

Design Considerations

Just as a kitchen is designed to be able to use the space available in the most optimal manner, a garage should also be organized so that garage storage can be most effective and useful. A well-organized garage can be an asset and a positive selling point if the house is put up for sale. While planning the garage storage system, you can take ideas from other kitchen designs. In order to maximize the potential storage capacity of the garage, need to consider how things could be hung vertically or on the ceiling, how small cabinets can be placed to store small goods, and how the entire space can be utilized in a better way.

Garage Storage Systems

Although some people add a loft to their garage in order to increase their garage storage space, it can lead to unorganized dumping of unwanted and unused items and difficulty in finding what you might have dumped. The ideal solution is to use garage storage systems such as tool storage racks, ceiling racks, peg boards, hangers and cabinets. These storing equipments will make it easier to access the stored goods. Apart from the use of racks available in the market, use your creativity to make suitable storing equipment that will ease your storing needs. The wall space in the garage can be used to hang outdoor furniture during the winter months, and ceiling racks can be sued to hang summer wear in the winter and winter wear during summer. Drawer storage systems can be used to store smaller things like nuts and bolts by using separate drawers for each type and size of the nuts or bolts.

The garage can be viewed as an extension to the home and organized garage storage can largely ease the cluttering of a home.