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All You Must Know Prior to Getting Tooth Jewelry

Actually, the US has started the trend for tooth jewelry and since then, it slowly rise to fame and many different countries follow the trend. This jewelry may be seen as yet another option to express one’s self which can bring sparkle and dimension to your smile. Tooth jewel can really draw people’s attention to your mouth every time you smile which subtly accentuates a brighter smile with foolproof elegance.

If you like the idea of having tooth jewelry, then it is imperative to have it done by the pros. Preferably, go to experienced and qualified dentist who can do the procedure because only dental professionals can offer precise fitting of the jewel. The procedure is pain free and quick to the point that it can be done in 10 minutes or less. The gem of your choice will be applied to the tooth by using strong adhesive glue. Enamel on the surface of your tooth doesn’t have to be prepared or drilled.

Prior to the actual fitting of the jewelry, you’ll need to undergo a quick consultation with a dentist and examination which will determine whether you need any dental works before proceeding with the procedure. If there are problems identified, then these should be rectified first before the gem is applied. The dentist will ensure that the enamel on tooth to which it is applied is healthy, strong and problem free of course. If your dentist sees that this is not the case, they will be giving alternative locations where it is best to fit the tooth jewelry.

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When the dentist is satisfied with both your oral and dental health, that’s the time when he/she will be showing you your options to put. The dentist will clean the surface of your tooth thoroughly as well as the surrounding area. The surface will be roughened up a bit to put the gem on it using the adhesive. Aftercare procedure will be given to you once everything’s done which should be followed deliberately. Say that you do experience any kind of pain or discomfort or if the jewel falls, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Normally, your tooth jewelry can last for around 6 months to a max of 1 year. It depends largely on where you have installed the stone, your eating patterns as well as your dental and oral hygiene on how long your tooth jewelry will last.

Just one last thing before you push through with this plan of yours, do your homework on the dentist who will be performing the procedure as their role will play a huge impact on the outcome.

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