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Storage Units For All Your Storage Needs

Storage Units For All Your Storage Needs

Moving is tough. You have to pack, get everything loaded up, clean both houses to make sure that they are inhabitable, unpack, arrange, set up, and just do a lot of work in general. It’s pretty stressful. However, there are a few alternative ideas.

One pretty important one is based on how soon you need to move. Say that you were going to move in about six months. Now say that you were looking at everything and you found a few things that you really didn’t need any time immediately-like Christmas decorations or ten sets of bed linens. In this case, you could rent one or two storage units nearby where you are moving to and transfer them there early. Then, as the months go by, you can transfer more and more as you go in order to make moving that much easier. It may seem a bit farfetched, but it certainly is an option. It may mean a few long trips back and forth, but you can also do the same thing when you go to get things. Obviously, you’ll need beds and sheets for the beds. You will need your refrigerator (although that should be one of the first things transferred to the house) and a freezer if it isn’t attached.

However, you may be a bit wary about moving your things so far away while you wait to make the big move-which is a very rational fear. After all, you don’t have the money to replace a whole bunch of stuff. You’re moving and renting storage units and that means security deposits and new bills and just everything you could imagine that takes money out of your pockets.

But, most storage units have the added bonus of they are extremely safe. How? Well, almost all of them have cameras. These cameras run all day long and all night long in order to provide your belongings with the best security. There are also security codes to get anywhere inside the facility. You practically can’t use the restroom without a security code! (This is of course an exaggeration.) Needless to say-if you don’t have a code, you can’t get in.

This may bring you to worry about whether or not your “neighbors” in the storage facility would be the kind to sneak into your unit. It isn’t possible, however. They don’t have the same key as you do and certainly cannot enter into your unit.

After hours, there are motion detectors and security guards who patrol at all hours. These extra security measures help to ensure the safety of your belongings and to prevent any potential theft. If one thing doesn’t catch the crook, then there are at least four others that will.

Another plus is that you are able to choose what size unit you would like to rent. If you do decide to follow the method and have quite a lot of stuff to move, your best bet is to get the largest storage unit first thing so that you do not end up having to get additional units or a larger one later and have to move everything around.