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Top Benefits of Conducting a Pre-Employment Screening

In order to make informed hiring decisions, employers need to conduct a pre-employment screening process to ensure that they pick qualified candidates for their company. Here are reasons why pre-employment background check is crucial for businesses.

Pre-employment screening is important because it enables you to keep your employees and customers safe since there is a Rapid Detect INC. It enables you to examine the past of the applicant by checking for any criminal record that could put other employees and customers at risk. It also helps to do a drug-test on each employee in order to ensure a drug-free workplace. Establishing an anti-drug policy in your workplace will protect your customers and employee from harm and in return, you will earn their loyalty.

Running a pre-employment screening will help you eliminate those applicants who are dishonest about their work history when they are applying for a position in your company. When applying for a job, applicants will make up information in order to please the hiring manager so that they can get the position. Therefore, a pre-employment background check is crucial to make sure that all the details provided in the applicant’s resume are honest. Besides, you can contact their former bosses to verify the information on their employment record.

Employers who use pre-employment background check are able to understand the applicant better before giving them the job. After knowing who they are, you will be in a better position to decide if you want to hire them. When you now they can be trusted, you will be in a better position to run the business.

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Reduction of employee turnover is another key benefit of conducting a pre-employment screening process for businesses. Employee turnover uses a lot of time and money of interviewing and training new employees. Therefore, pre-employment background checks help in lowering hiring costs including training because you will be sure that you hire those with proper training and who will not become a turnover statistic.

In some professions, it is a strict requirement for employers to conduct a pre-employment screening on their candidate. Companies that disregard this rule risk losing their licenses or paying heavy fines. Also, performing the background checks will protect you from being held liable for injuries caused by an employee because the employer did not demonstrate care during the hiring process.

You can also reduce employee misconduct in the workplace by performing a pre-employment background check. Some damaging acts in the workplace include theft of customers and company’s assets, solicitation, and fraud. When you are able to reduce these incidences, your customers will trust your more, employees will feel safe and this will contribute to the growth of your company.