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Commonly Asked Questions About Motion Controllers and Their Respective Answers

When you have a motion control system, your motion controller will be the one serving as its brain. These motion controllers are highly capable of coming up with motion paths and then whatever changes might happen to the external environment, they will also have some reaction to them. Usually, motion controllers are being used to serve as a functional component on the dials or on/off switches that you see among machines. These motion controllers also serve more higher tasks that range from controlling axes of servers to keeping the programming of certain machines like computers maintained. Here are some other facts about motion controllers that you must take note of if you are thinking about making use of them or if you just want to increase your knowledge about them.

What can you expect from motion controllers?

When you have a motor, it usually comes with a driver card, and for your motion controllers, they will be generating enough electronic signals to be sending to this driver card. During the moving stage of your motor, the motions that you can feel are the ones that are being controlled by the motion controllers. What makes up your typical motion controller system includes your very own motion controller, your motor, your host computer, your feedback sensor, as well as your motion controller. Motion profiler is the reference position that you can expect to be coming from your motion controller system. By taking a look at this motion controller system of yours, you can also observe that they will have some sort of mechanism to compensate for any presence of position error. If you are wondering what a position error is, you are actually looking at the difference that is present between the actual position of your sensor and the reference position of your sensor.

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What are different types of motion controllers that you will come across?

When you are wondering what various options you have of motion controllers, you will be choosing from the individual microcontrollers to the stand-alone motion controllers as well as the PC-based motion controllers.

If you talk about motion controllers that are stand-alone, you will notice that there will be a single enclosure that will be mounted on them. Not only one axis can be controlled by them as they are also highly capable of controlling a great number of axes.

When you talk about individual microcontrollers, they are the ones that are being used for computers with just practical use but then they will be wired into certain devices so that they can control the actions and features of such a particular device. With this motion controller, you can see that they come with only circuit boards. This kind of motion controllers are not that cheap and they can easily be accessed at the chip level.

Using your Windows computer, you can easily program PC-based controllers to take control over your entire system and then communicating with it. This kind of motion controller is not embedded into just one hardware platform.

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