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Making The Most Of Self Storage Units

Making The Most Of Self Storage Units

Self storage units are a great way to buy yourself some extra space. If you have too many items to keep around the house but cannot bear to separate yourself permanently from your goods it may be worth the expense to rent a small area for storage. The trick to maximizing what you pay however lies in how well you are able to organize the clutter.

Cleaning out your garage, basement or attic can be a tough job to do. You’ve likely saved every masterpiece that your kindergartner has worked in crayon, every photo including the blurry ones, and every Christmas card, knick knack or gift that you have been given. Boxing certain cherished items up and sending them off to the trash or the thrift store can be downright impossible to do.

Once you have your storage space however, there are several things that you should invest in so that you can maximize your available area. You need two small file cabinets and several large, clear storage pens. Keeping a permanent marker on hand won’t hurt either. You can get the filing cabinets relatively cheaply by paying attention to garage sale ads, online bulletin boards or even heading to the secondhand store to do a little shopping of your own.

One file cabinet can hold necessities that you won’t need readily on hand at home, but that you should not throw away. These might include outdated tax returns and receipts from years long past. You might also include old transcripts, certificates of completion and any other academic or trade information that you do not need on a daily basis but are likely to have to reference at some point in the distant future.

The second file cabinet can hold the treasured drawings, schoolwork and report cards of each of your children. Each child can have their own draw or hanging file folder depending on how much you have to divide up the available space. You can then label your clear plastic storage pins with the permanent black marker to display their contents. These might include knick knacks, Christmas and birthday cards, old random photos and other goodies that you mean to keep forever. When people learn how to maximize their self storage units they can clear the clutter from their homes without simply moving it somewhere else.