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Understanding The Origin Of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time is similar to other aspects in life, and each one of them has an explanation on its existence. It is imperative to note that Benjamin Franklin introduced the concept of daylight savings time. Daylight saving time was applied in the early times where most people made use of the sunlight during winter. In the modern world, the daylight saving time is experienced where people change their watches as the days become short. The ancient civilizations employed the same argument on yearly basis, making sure there was enough time for farming, outdoor activities among other practices.

It is essential to understand that the modern concept of daylight savings time was introduced by Benjamin Franklin to the American country as he moved on an envoy to France. In one of his letters back to the United States, Franklin noted that in Paris, they could conserve their application of candle by waking up early in the morning to make the most of the sunlight. Since the daylight saving time idea was contributing to the growth of France financial status, the United States federal government opted to have tax on shutters and controlled the use of candles which made the citizens wake up early and work in the best way possible.

Benjamin Franklin was concerned and was not of the idea of taxes, but he had no plan on what the people should approach the concept and the time to do it. To offer a solution to this, he came up with the idea of changing the clocks which altered the people’s scheduled thus making the citizens to get out of bed early and use the available time as best as possible.

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The the current principle of daylight saving time was established by an entomologist in 1895. The entomologists argued that daylight saving time offered him more hours to gather insects which removed the need to work in the dark at winter. Note that daylight saving time was incorporated by the United States federal government in 1918 after the time zones were determined across the state.

The expansion of the railroad and the drive to the west made the government control and set time schedules. However, you should understand that some of the states failed to comply while in others the authorities prescribed the application of this concept to its subjects. You should know that today, in the states that embraced daylight saving time idea, they have to reset the clocks to standard time on the first Sunday in November and also to add one hour to in the second Sunday in March before spring happened and the practice takes place each year.

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