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Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Insurance

There’s a lot to think about when you’re ready to buy any type of insurance, and it can be confusing. Insurance is necessary because emergencies and accidents happen. Whether it’s car, health, property or life insurance, it’s important to have sufficient coverage when the unexpected happens. Unfortunately, there are common mistakes that consumers make when they need insurance. Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

Any Bear River Insurance Riverton UT and other insurance products are easy to find online. However, sometimes when consumers are in need of insurance, they assume that it will cost more than they can afford. This is especially true when it comes to life insurance. According to recent studies, it’s estimated that more than 40 percent of people in the United States do not have any form of life insurance. One of the main reasons why people don’t purchase life insurance when they aren’t covered by an employer is because they think it will cost more than it does. The truth of the matter is that life insurance is usually one-third of the amount consumers think it will cost.

There are also assumptions made about health insurance. Most consumers are unaware of discounts that are available for health insurance from different associations. For instance, members of associations for seniors have discounts available to them for a variety of different types of insurance, such as health insurance and property insurance. It’s a matter of doing your research to get an understanding of the different options that you have. Consumers that are not old enough to join an association for seniors can often find discounts that are available through other associations. It’s better to conduct research then not have insurance and find yourself in a difficult situation down the road.

One of the most common mistakes that consumers make regarding long-term disability and life insurance is that they don’t update the coverage as their financial situation changes. Although the insurance coverage was appropriate for their income and needs when they initially obtained the policy, as life progresses and their income increases, they forget to change the policy to accommodate that change. It’s also common for consumers to forget to update beneficiary information. When something happens and they have an ex-spouse still on the policy, it creates a difficult situation that could have been avoided with a quick policy change.

During the process of buying insurance, it’s common for consumers to set the deductible low, which typically means the premiums are higher. The purpose of insurance is to provide protection for when an emergency happens and you can’t afford to cover the cost of losses incurred. Having a low deductible and high premiums might be perfectly fine, but you should consider a higher deductible and lower premiums if you have savings set aside. The decision should be made based on your unique financial situation, and how much of a risk you’re willing to take.

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Selecting the Best Commercial Roofing Contractor

Although there are countless contractors offering commercial roof services st louis mo, getting the best contractor is nevertheless not an easy task. After all, every contractor bills themselves as the best fit for the job, even when they aren’t equal to the task. Again, there is no single commercial roofing contractor in St. Louis, MO, who can claim to be flawlessly proficient in every roofing service.

However, getting the right commercial roofing contractor isn’t challenging as most people believe. It is a simple task that can be accomplished easily so long as one has the basics of picking the best contractor. Here are some valuable tips to ensure you select the right commercial roofing contractor for your commercial roofing project.

Does the contractor specialize in commercial roofing services?

The best commercial roofing contractor ought to have a specialty in commercial roof repair, installation, and replacement. They should also provide you with tangible proof of having repaired or replaced as many significant and iconic roofs as possible.

From manufacturing facilities, schools, churches, retail spaces to industrial plants, the contractor needs to have a wealth of experience and expertise to install, replace or maintain all types of roofing systems. Moreover, the roofing contractor should offer a wide array of commercial roofing products to make your commercial roofing project worthwhile.

Insurance is a must

The best commercial roofing contractor should have staff’s compensation and liability insurance. Request the contractor to give you certificates to prove they have valid insurance. Having an insurance ensures that the commercial roofing service being offered to you is well protected with security coverage.

Find out whether the roofing contractor is certified by multiple manufacturers

Being approved by various manufacturers is proof that the contractor is capable of installing all types of major commercial roofing systems. Again, it is solid proof that the roofing contractor has met every requirement needed for them to offer commercial roofing services. In most cases, certified roofing contractors are professionals who have provided commercial roofing services for many years.

Interview prospective commercial roofing contractors

Find some of the commercial roofing contractors near your premises and schedule an interview with each of them. Discuss your commercial roofing project with each contractor. Based on your interviews, you can pick a roofing contractor that thoroughly explained how they would handle your commercial roofing project.

A casual interview with a prospective contractor is enough to help you evaluate whether the contractor has what it takes to successfully handle your roofing project from the beginning to the end.


The commercial roofing contractor should embrace the use of the most recent and state-of-the-art technology for installing, restoring or maintaining your commercial roofing. With the latest technology, you are almost guaranteed that the roofing contractor will get the job done quickly and also give best possible results at the end of your commercial roofing project.


Commercial roofing is ultimately a costly investment that needs to be handled by the right commercial roofing contractor. Therefore, ensure the contractor you hire for your commercial roofing project has everything it takes to manage your project successfully.