22 Apr, 2024
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Common Issues With Self Storage Units

Common Issues With Self Storage Units

In any kind of business, there’s bound to be some issues along the way. It’s never a smooth sailing and problem-free process for business owners. But when they’re fully prepared right from the start, owners and their staff will be able to handle whatever issues they encounter with confidence.

Preparation is and should be a priority for all types of businesses. This is to build trust with their customers and to let them know the products or services they’re offering have been well planned to meet their needs.

Self storage facilities are no exception. As they provide a valuable solution to many people, whether individuals or organizations, they see to it that customers are given priority. This is the appropriate attitude because after all, the customers are the life of any business.

But as always, self storage units are not all perfect. Sometimes, customers may not be totally satisfied with the service and unit they get resulting in complaints to the management.

The non-functioning gate code is one of the most common problems among self storage facilities. Factors that can cause this issue are a customer wrongly entering his or her code or forgetting the code, late payment of the rental fee and misplacing their card. Experts in the industry, however, point out that to prevent this problem, managers and front desk staff should also do their part in educating customers about the proper way of using their access number and the reasons why it may not function at times.

The level of coldness in a climate controlled rental unit is another common complaint. For some customers, the concept of climate control in self storage facilities refers to a room with proper air conditioning and heating system. When they don’t find this, they immediately become upset. Unfortunately, this type of unit actually refers to a room where temperate is maintained at a steady level to prevent humidity.

Access to unit may also cause problems every now and then. This issue is common among customers who failed to understand the proper hours during which they can access their self storage unit. Not all facilities are open 24 hours every day as many provide access to their customers’ units only during business hours and certain times beyond the regular hours. This can also be a problem if the person accessing the room is not the actual tenant and was not allowed by the facility’s staff.

The size of the unit is sometimes a source of complaint as well. This is unavoidable especially among customers who find out that the unit size advertised on a certain facility’s site does not correspond to the measurements of the actual self storage unit. It’s a reality that there are meticulous people who want to have the exact measurements and would even measure the room right in the facility if necessary. So when they find out the size is not exactly what they need, they complain right away.

Self storage facilities …

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Ten Financial Tips You Want Your Kids to Know

Ten Financial Tips You Want Your Kids to Know

Most people learn about finance the hard way through mistakes made from practical experience.  People usually aren’t taught about personal finance in school.  Moreover, parents don’t teach their children the basics either because they don’t understand it themselves, or they don’t take the time to it. So, most of us learn about money as we go through life.  We make purchases, go into debt, and end up with a meager retirement account.  CNN Money reports that 43% of workers surveyed in 2010 said that they have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.  Even with full Social Security benefits, these people will be hard pressed to maintain their pre-retirement lifestyle.  What if they had made better financial decisions earlier in their life?  Perhaps if they were told about some basic financial principles they would be in a better position?  Here are ten basic financial principles that your kids should know to avoid making simple mistakes:

Don’t spend beyond your means.  This is such a basic principle that it would not seem to be worth mentioning; however, it is the key principle to financial success.  Most financial advisors will tell you to pay yourself first by saving 6-10% of your income.  You can only do that if you spend less than you make. So the first and perhaps most important rule of financial success is not to spend beyond your means.  

Save for a rainy day.  As soon as you start working, open a savings account as an emergency fund, a rainy day fund.  A rule of thumb is to have a reserve equivalent to six month’s salary in case you are out of work.  If you have an emergency like a major car repair or medical bill, you will need to replenish the fund if you pay your bills using your emergency savings account.

Pay off credit cards monthly.  It is good to have one or two credit cards so that you can establish a credit history; however, make sure to pay off the balance on or before the due date.  Credit card companies charge excessively high interest rates and fees.  If you pay your balance in full, you get to use their money without interest; however, if you are late or make a partial payment you will pay finance charges that are easily avoided.  Also, don’t take a cash advance unless it is for an emergency.  Again, they will charge you cash advance fees and if you don’t pay it off within their promotional period, they will also charge higher finance charges which makes this very expensive.

Open an IRA when you are young and make the maximum annual contribution. The time value of money works wonders when you invest over a long time horizon, bur you must start when you are young.  People who start investing in their early twenties will far outpace those who begin in their thirties or forties.  Those who start late will never catch up …

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Boat Storage Made Simpler

Boat Storage Made Simpler

People who are lucky enough to own boats often are not as lucky when it comes to finding the right kind of Boat Storage. While the self storage industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, not everybody has been able to keep pace with the technology required to safely keep large and heavy objects, especially those with motor parts. This is possibly why storage companies that offer RV storage, Car storage, Furniture storage and Boat storage are few and far between. This article takes a closer look at what makes an ordinary warehouse or garage storage unit into the perfect boat storage facility. Be sure to check for these things when you go looking for storing space for your vehicle.


* The first and foremost thing that a facility to store boats needs is a good size. Boats are delicate structures and cannot be stacked or made to lean on one another. There has to be sufficient room not just to park the vehicle, but also for workmen to move around and take care of any repair jobs that it may need.

* Even after you ascertain the space, be sure that your boat gets the space it needs.


* As regards the area needed to house a boat, the location could be outside or inside. While outside storage units are susceptible to weather conditions, they are also a whole lot cheaper. Provided the weather is temperate, it is an option as good as any.

* Boat storage facilities that are inside a garage often have the disadvantage of being located underground, but at least they stay away from the onslaught of rain and wind which can cause a lot of damage over a long period of time.


* On account of their being expensive high value items, it is worthwhile to invest in some care for your vehicle while it languishes in boat storage.

* Experienced staff that know what they are doing are always a big advantage. Try to get some pain jobs and minor repairs included in the storage cost itself.

* Boats are made of very different materials – you may want to consult the seller to see any specific care that your vehicle may require. The company that you entrust your boat with should also have a few consultants that you should make it a point to talk to about risks and the best way to mitigate them.


* It is also important to consider the safety of the self storage units. While boats may seem like a difficult item to steal, people have been known to take away parts and then the boat bit by bit.

* Find out the security systems in use as well as the past history of the place as regards its crime record.

Be sure to invest in insurance. It may add to the cost of your boat storage, but is a small price to pay …

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Self Storage

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Self Storage

Whether you’re a homeowner, student or business owner in need of a place to keep your items, you need to make sure that you utilize self storage units effectively. These facilities are affordable and come in various sizes but you have to choose the right one for your needs.

Here are some tips then that can follow to ensure that you pack your personal belongings properly and transport them safely to the self storage facility of your choice. These are the basic steps that will help make the process of moving stuff from your home or office to the rental unit a lot easier.

List your items. The first step towards organizing your things is to list the items you want to keep in the rental unit. You can classify them according to clothing, decors, books, electronic devices and so on.

Check the facility. It is a good idea to visit the facility to help you determine the size of storage unit you’ll need. If you’re not sure about the size to rent, show your list to the manager and ask for assistance.

At this point, you may also want to get information about their lease terms and conditions. This will give you an idea of what they require, the rental fee, deposit if any and what they don’t accept.

Schedule your mover. If you’ll be utilizing a moving company to transport your boxes, set an appointment early such as a month before your scheduled move.

Plan how to utilize space. Once you have packed your possessions in their proper boxes and labeled each of them, you can make a floor plan as to how you are going to arrange them in the rental unit. This is a good organization technique so that you don’t waste time moving them when you’re already at the facility.

Keep boxes off the floor. Use pallets and plywood on the floor before putting your boxes. You need to avoid any moisture buildup that can come from the concrete flooring. You may also want to use freestanding shelves if you want to avoid putting boxes one over the other.

Place boxes with frequently used items in front. If you’ll be accessing your items there every now and then, make sure that the boxes containing items you’ll be using are in front.

Disassemble items. Furniture and electronic appliances should be disassembled for easy storage. Wrap each of them and label properly. You can do some color coding for the wires and their matching appliances for easy identification.

Avoid using plastic. If possible, do not use plastic to cover your items. This will only cause moisture buildup overtime. Use moving pads, sheets or light blankets instead.

Don’t use printed newspaper. Printed newspapers are a no-no because they can cause stains on your items including clothes and linen.

Don’t put heavy items in one box. Try to distribute the bulky belongings in several boxes to make it easy for you …

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Where You Should Store Your Boat

Where You Should Store Your Boat

Storing your boat will keep it safe from damage that can be imposed upon it during storms, the winter, or just not using it for a long period of time. Before you do put it away you need to have it serviced. Bring it to your mechanic and ask them to look it over to see if there are problems with it.

You should first fill up the gas tank and ensure to add some fuel additive. By doing this you will aid to prevent any fuel oxidation or erosion from occurring. If you plan on storing it for a long period of time than take away any cushions, liquids, fishing tools, gizmos, or other items that are not built into the boat.

Make sure to leave the compartments open so that they have the ability to ventilate and prevent anything from growing inside if they are wet. Fully charge anything on board before disconnecting them. You will also need to drain the water from the bilge region and also the lines. Make sure that the drain plug is kept out.

Wash every nch of your boat as well as the carpets. Wax the outside and make it almost looking like new. By doing this you will assist to keep the boat from eroding. Do not forget to grease the engine, shaft, winch, and under the cowl.

When you are finished with this you are not ready to keep it in a big shed on your property or cover it with a form fitting boat covering. For simple storage during the season that you are constantly using it all you require is an air arch boom tent. This will allow you to keep it in the water but shelter from the weather. All of these are simple to utilize and can be purchased at your nearest sport or fishing store.…

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Self Storage Units – Top Three Reasons They Make Sense

Self Storage Units – Top Three Reasons They Make Sense

So you have finally decided to make that move and you also find that you are perhaps a bit shy on room after looking over what you had as far as space at your old place, and what you have now as far as space with your new place. But thankfully there are some great and really easy ways that you can securely store the items that you are unable to bring along with you to your new place for the time being. Perhaps one of the most effective ways is by renting self storage units. This is because these storage places often offer high security, insurance on the units themselves, and they usually have many different sizes to choose from. The larger companies tend to be the better ones too, because they have more locations and generally more perks to offer you as well.

Three Reasons Why Using Self Storage Units is of Good Mind

1. Where else are you going to place your possessions that you know that they will be secure, safe sound and most importantly, insured?

2. Security: Such places that offer these units have roving security guards and sturdy units of all sizes to meet your needs.

3. Affordability: when you are moving, which is generally a fairly costly affair for any person, the last thing you want to do is fret over more bills. With such units for storage, that is the primary benefit: they are very affordable. And you can add some other things for peace of mind too, like insuring your possessions while they are being stored.…

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4 Low Risk Investments You Did Not Know

4 Low Risk Investments You Did Not Know

If you are looking for ways to find investments that yield high returns and yet do not cost as much, this article is right for your reading. Many people do not realize the importance of these principles that will be discussed. The common misconception is that you need to buy what other people are investing. At the same time, following-the-herd mentality will not help much. This is especially true in a world where we live in today, where times are changing fast.

Clear your debts once and for all

Why is this considered an investment? This is because if you are paying as high as 10 to 30 percent of interest annually for an outstanding balance (credit card or loans), you are simply shooting yourself in the foot. Make sure to settle them before even thinking of other investments forms.

What if you are left with a certain amount of money in your bank? Worse, you could be relying only on this supply of money for your daily living expenses. This amount of money is called your emergency funds. You should only use this emergency fund if and only if you have another source of cash you can use. An example of this extra source of money is “loans” that you get from friends and family. Another method is to borrow against your retirement account balance.

You should exercise and eat healthily

Again, this is an investment for yourself. Taking appropriate rests is important to recharge the body for more productive work. You might think this is a small and trivial effort, but think again. Aren’t health, wealth and relationship are considered the 3 pillars of happiness? If one falls, the happiness structure will fail.

Friends and family are your investments, too

Why is that? At times of peril, they are the ones that will turn out to be your greatest support. For example, you could always borrow a quick cash (which is not too much) to save yourself from a short-term financial problem. Do not they say success come with the connection you make in life?

You should also invest into yourself and your career

You can read up on self-help books. Take speech and writing classes. Do whatever it takes to make you a better-skilled individual. Your net worth will increase greatly along the years. In this case, you will be earning higher salaries, given your qualifications that you possess.…

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The Steps to Take Before You Move Into Climate-Controlled Storage

The Steps to Take Before You Move Into Climate-Controlled Storage

Maybe you’re moving. Maybe you’re getting rid of old stuff. Maybe your girlfriend is sick and tired of seeing all of those shoes in your closet. If you live nearby a climate control storage center you are in luck. A climate controlled storage center offers you the space you wished you had at a price you can afford.

The primary use of climate controlled storage is to hold things you don’t need, but still want. This can be trickier than it sounds, however. Old clothes, for example, you should sort through item by item. Some articles you may want to discard, i.e. donate. Others you haven’t worn for a while may still fit and so you don’t want to throw them away. Maybe they’re from your college days and in another five years they’ll be in fashion again. There’s no telling. In that case, climate controlled storage units are perfect for when you want to go to a costume party and wear that old leather jacket with fringe – you have it just a quick drive away.

Other great things to store in climate control storage are old collections. Stamps, baseball cards, coins – anything that’s precious and valuable, but too big to fit into a safety deposit box will make a good addition to your storage. Climate control storage helps against too much moisture, which can be trouble for a fine stamp collection. And with serious security, such as high barbed wire gates, personal locks and on-site managers, the chances of thieves stealing your coins are pretty low.

Other items you may want to put into storage include transportation like bikes or boats, which may not fit in your garage during the colder months. When you have a boat in your garage, it can be pretty inconvenient, especially when you’re used to putting your cars inside. Different sized can accommodate large boats as well as a few boxes. Specialty items like artwork and speaker systems are also good to store because they need some humidity in order to survive the winter and not dry or crack.

Probably the best thing about climate control storage is its convenience. You can drive over anytime and open up your unit to get whatever it is you need from it. And you can return it whenever you want too, maybe dropping off other stuff you’d forgotten you don’t need in the process. So think about a storage unit and clean up your life.…

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Personal Finance – 2 Major Reasons Why People Overspend and Yet We Still Do It

Personal Finance – 2 Major Reasons Why People Overspend and Yet We Still Do It

What are the common causes of overspending? The number one factor is still spending on credit. Well, this article will discuss the two most common causes. Overspending is best defined as the act of spending more than you earn.

Influences and events

Going out with colleagues, friends and people alike will have a great influence on how you spend your money. What happens when a bunch of your friends agree to go to an expensive restaurant? Majority of them have agreed. But what about you? You do not want to be a party spoiler, so you agree as well. The thing is, some of your friends have more money than you do. On a side note, thumbs down to them (if you have friends like this) for not being understanding.

Other than food outings, forgetting your long term financial goals and making side purchases can have a negative snowball effect of overspending. You will want to keep a balance between living in the now and planning for the future. Your spending habits should be controlled by you and only you, not others.

Spending money to feel better

Sometimes you think you deserve a cheat meal or a vacation, especially after working so hard for the past few months. But the irony is when the hefty bill arrives and you would have already overspent at that point. Addictions can arise due to spending, too, according to studies. If you realize you are one of these people, be sure to look for alternatives in healing the soul. Spending money to make you feel better definitely is not a smart thing to do.…

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Sorting The Easy Way

Warehouses and other facilities that rely on sorting processes are starting to look to automated sortation as a great way for them to handle the massive flow of products that they churn through on a daily basis. It seems like there is a lot that they have to handle every day, and it is nice to know that there are systems in place to try to make the job a little easier on them.

Sorting Has Never Been So Simple

Automated sortation means that products flow exactly where they are supposed to go without a human hand having to direct them at all. It is quite possible that no one will have to interfere with the flow or products through a warehouse once they have implemented the automated sortation system. Some humans will still have to be involved in some limited capacity, but it won’t be nearly as involved as it might have been in the past.

When you consider all of this and just how many hours can be given back to the human beings who run warehouses, there is no question that automated sortation is the way of the future. It will save companies a lot of money, and it will help workers reclaim some of their time back as well. It is a win-win for everyone, and a lot of people are very excited to see it get implemented as soon as possible.…