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Training Your Child to Welcome a Baby Home

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They keep people company, and they can also be used for protection. Dogs tend to join a family and become an indispensable member. Dogs get attached to their owner’s very fast. If you will soon be introducing a baby I the home, it is important to train your dog to be ready for the changes that the baby will make in the house. So what steps should you take to prepare your dog for the new member of the family?

Train the Dog to Be Independent
A young child can be very demanding, and it requires attention, so you may not be left with time to take care of your dog. Consequently, you should make sure that you teach your dog’s how to manage themselves. It is important that you use positive reinforcement such as treats from Betsy farms while training your dog.

Introduce Your Dog to Foreign Smells
Dogs are among the animals that are most sensitive to smell. When they identify a particular smell, it triggers a particular reaction from the dog. Newborn children have different smells. You should assist your dog to get accustomed to the different baby smells.

Feed The Dog Well When The Baby Is Around

You need to change the attitude of the dog toward the change by associating the change to positive things. When you treat it better, the dog will see the baby as a positive introduction in the house.

Change the Attention That Was Given To the Dog
When a baby comes, you have to give it a lot of attention. If you have a dog, you may not have time to give it attention. Before the baby comes, it is important to train your dog to do things without expecting attention.

Create A New Routine For Your Dog
when there is a new baby in the house, everyone’s routine changes. Your dog will also be affected by the arrival of the baby. To avoid any hostility to change, it is important that you change the routine early enough. Make modifications to the time when the dog carries out activities such as feeding and get the dog used to the new routine.

Teach The Dog To Accommodate A Baby In Its Games
After children have grown, they tend to be playful. You should teach your dog to play with your baby without harming the child. Buy toys that can be used by the dog and the baby while playing.

Make Sure Your Dog’s Knows Its Food
The dog can feed on the child’s plate which is very risky. You need to teach it to eat from its plate . You can do this by buying treats from Betsy farms and always making sure that you put them on the dog’s plate.…