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Guidelines for Compressing Web Images.

If you are not a stranger to using the internet you know how a website which takes forever to load is annoying. Given that there so many sites online those which are not fast are left in preference to the first ones. This is not good for people who are running the websites because they require traffic. To note is that the images you have uploaded on your site will also influence the speed. If you have added very large images on the website you should expect slow speed in loading and that is why it is very crucial for you to compress any pictures or photo before you add it on your site. Good images are very critical in pushing traffic to your site but this does not mean that you only have to manipulate the image to diminish the quality.

Contrary to what many people believe reducing the size of the image is not the same as image compression. You should not expect the image dimensions to change. The only thing you will be doing is removing the data that the image comes with. In addition the true resolution will be reduced and the overall effects you’ll have is a smaller size of the file. If the size of the files you have is small the loading will be very fast. Just because you have to change the file size does not mean that you have to give up on quality. There are so many types of images and you should educate yourself about each of them. Make sure the pixel size is to the minimum. It is a good thing that they are browsers that are going to downsize the image form for you. You can as well as using compression software or Photoshop.

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Saving an image may not seem like a big deal to many people but it is very critical. With Photoshop, there is the option of saving the image for the web which automatically decreases the file size without changing the quality. Be sure to open the image in Photoshop to make sure you know how it is going to be on your site. It is great if you can get an image compression software because it works wonders. There are so many of this software out there and you only have to find what works for you. Some are limited to online use but you cannot miss several you can install on your phone or computer if you do not want to keep going online to use them. The key to learning how to do this well is through experimenting.

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