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Blog Redesigning: Tips to Redesign Your Blog

As time pass by, having your design stay unchanged and the same until decades would not only bore you out but may also hurt your reputation negatively in front of your staple readers and even new potential visitors and as such, you’ll surely find yourself wanting to breathe new life to your blog through Redesigning it. Redesigning your blog is not an easy feat to tackle as there are bound to be heaps of steps that you have to take from planning up to actually setting up the new design.

It takes boldness and a deep craving to serve something better to your visitors and readers for you to decide to Redesign your own blog and in this case, you’ll surely need some tips to back you up in the process which is exactly what you’ll get below.

Since you’re already fairly experienced with years of experience or months dealing with blogs, you’re surely aware already of how amazing the ‘less is more’ concept is and how true it can be for multiple times. Despite the fact that providing pop-ups or even putting advertisement banners on every corner of your site are an effective ways to give them more information about what you advertise, it can take its toll on your users as they may see the site as something convoluted and confusing, which is definitely something that you should avoid doing.

It is vital to put your audience before every decision you make in a design. Make sure that the content you provide is in balance only with the advertisement and avoid being confusing and spammy to prevent dissatisfying your audience.

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For bloggers who have already been in the industry for years, there’s a high probability that your site still isn’t equipped for mobile usage. Bear in mind that there’s a huge percentage of users today who use their mobile devices to interact with the internet and as such, it is important that their experience with your blog is optimized for mobile usage as well to make sure that they’ll be able to use it with no problem at all. Seeing as this kind of feat is something that would require great demand from you, you should also consider putting more investment in Redesigning your blog by getting the help of renowned and reputable Web Design Consulting Agency such as Graphic Evidence, who can share you their experience and expertise to further solidify your design and plan for a successful endeavor.

Since you’re basically getting a new web design for your blog in order to make it appear newer and more innovative, it only goes without saying that you should incorporate modern design trends to it. Redesigning your blog is different from rebranding and unless you’re aiming for the latter, make sure that you stay within the bounds of your creed and values – stay true to color schemes and some traditional elements that makes your blog appealing to your audience.