5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Coatings

Know the Nature of Vacuum Metalizing and the Many Benefits You Can Get from This Process

Vacuum metalizing came into the business around 1960 as an extended industry. The process of vacuum metalizing was initially intended for the use of interior fittings and accents for vehicles like dashboards, instrument panel, head lights, arm supports, and others. Top coat application was not included in the process back then, and this would mean the easy scrubbing off of the effect of shiny plate and consequently there was a risk for the fittings to get scratched.

Today, when the car industry has developed a lot, so does vacuum metalizing. With the aid of this process, fine metal finishes are created with the quality that can last for ages and with the beautiful look. With the evolution of the car industry, the world’s leading car manufacturers are even changing their process from electroplating to vacuum metalizing because of the many factors that it gives like cost effectiveness, health advantages for workers, durability and others.

This process is considered as the best option especially if you want to give your products the extra shine and polish. Note that the other process like chrome plating is not only expensive but is also found to use hazardous acid that is carcinogen.

Actually the metalizing process is quite simple. First, the coating material is placed in a reservoir, then a special filtering unit is used so that the air is purified, and as coating process is taking place, will make sure that there are no particles that will arrive to the surface of the final product. During the vacuum coating, the temperatures are controlled with the use of a pump, and while the process is going on, an application chamber is used too.

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And so, the item is placed into an application chamber where your desired metallic finish will be put and coated into. The entry slot and the exit slot are what consist of the vacuum chamber. The liquid coating is pumped into the application chamber by manual method, and in the chamber is where the converting of the liquid is happening with the aid of the vacuum.

It is through the help of the air vacuum that there is uniformity in the spreading of the coating on the products. With the entry slot in the application chamber, material and air are allowed entrance while the exit slot thrusts the air outwards on the coated products.

The various finished products that vacuum metalizing can be done are on glass, plastic, metal, ceramic or paper. Vacuum metalizing on your product is your only option is you are into saving the environment plus your money too.

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Coatings

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