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The Benefits of Self-Storage

The Benefits of Self-Storage

Self storage is an excellent alternative for today’s homeowners and apartment dwellers. Most people are accustomed to leaving their belongings in the basement, attic, or closet when they are not being used, but there is now a better way. Self-storage is there for people to leave their belongings as opposed to leaving them exposed, lost, and forgotten in the attic or closet. Here are just a few of the benefits of using storage units.

Secure environment

Storage units provide a secure environment for your belongings. Many of the facilities are gated, so it is very difficult for outsiders to even gain access to the units. The gates are controlled by a unique access code that only you know. You can get your own lock and key for your unit and you will know for sure that it is completely secure.

Easy to access

Self Storage facilities are increasingly common and chances are that you live near one. There locations in the city and suburbs, so there will always be one nearby. You can reach your stuff easily and you can move it anywhere you want to if you decide to move in the future.


Storage is much cheaper than it used to be. You will generally be able to get a storage unit from anywhere around $50-$100 per month depending on the facility and size of the storage unit. A lot of storage facilities are offering one month free when you sign up as well as some other special offers. Now is really the best time to get storage because the rates are quite low.


Once of the best things about self storage is that they are flexible. You can leave your items in one place and move them by yourself or you can have the storage company transport your stuff to your desired destination depending on the company. The thing is that you ultimately decide if and when you want your items to come home. This is especially useful if you are moving or traveling often.

Storage is the answer for many people because they are constantly on the move and they need a place for their stuff. No one wants to leave clutter all over the house and have their closets and basements clogged up with boxes. Put your boxes in storage units to save money, time, and space. Never deal with the headache of no space and keep your stuff safe a secure. What other ways can you store it? your garage can only get you so far. Consider professional self storage units. you won’t regret it.…

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Protection Tips For Goods in Self Storage Facilities

Protection Tips For Goods in Self Storage Facilities

This article deals with some protection tips for your goods when you are storing them in a self storage facility. It is also advisable that you do some research on how to protect your goods to the maximum lev el possible so that at least you are sure that you have taken every precaution required.

Protection Tips:

o First and foremost you need to pack your goods in the correct manner to prevent damage from moisture, dust, insects, etc. For this you will require the correct wrapping or packaging products like bubble wrap, tape, butcher’s paper, removalist felt, cardboard cartons, storage boxes, plastic sheets, fabric sheets, drop sheets, etc.

o Make sure you protect your fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or butcher’s paper. Also make sure you label the boxes holding the fragile items as such so when transferring the boxes they will be handled correctly.

o Books should be placed flat on top of each other. Not only does this save space but also ensures that the spines won’t break if they are placed in smaller boxes. Don’t pack fragile items with books.

o Make sure your clothes are clean and dry before packing them. You can place them in cedar blocks or pack in them in port-a-robes or tea chests.

o Most storage facilities ensure that the storage units are cleaned and maintained well but even then it does no harm for extra protection. So make sure that your mattresses boxes, beds, couches, have extra protection by placing cardboards or soft cloths underneath them.

o It is a good idea to separate your goods with felt blankets, cardboard, cushions or bubble wrap when moving the goods and while storing.

o Make sure that your goods are completely clean from your end before storing them so that there are no problems later. Make sure there are no food crumbs or stain on your clothes and furniture.

o Make sure when you are moving the furniture like soft couches or mattresses, they are correctly protected from rain and dirt. You get special covers for this so please ask your storage company.

o Make sure that you aren’t storing any perishable items like food, wheat bags, dried flowers, etc as this can compromise not only your storage unit but also the whole facility.

o Appliances like freezers, fridges and other white goods need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried out to avoid and bacteria growth.

o Make sure that the fridge is stored upright and not on its side as it may be damaged. You can even leave a deodoriser like baking soda in the fridge which ensures that the air remains fresh.

o Protect shelves of your furniture and ensure that the structure does not get damaged by emptying them all out completely. Everything can be re-stored once you unpack.

o Make sure the washing machine is well taken care of when in transit. Ensure that the hose is …

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Business Homeowners Scaled Agile Framework

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Caster Wheels For Uneven Surfaces

Caster wheels are great for uneven surfaces. They increase mobility and resist damage from shocks and falls. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Caster wheels. They are often the most durable option. Industrial wheels are essential for many industrial applications. You need wheels with a high level of durability to handle various tasks. Read on to learn how these wheels work and the different types available. You’ll be glad you bought them!

Caster wheels increase mobility.

Caster wheels for industrial use make it easy to move large and heavy objects. Typically used on chairs, tables, pianos, workstations, cabinets, and shelves, casters make almost anything moveable. In addition, they reduce rolling resistance and noise, making heavy objects move easily and quickly, saving time and effort. Here are some of the advantages of casters:

The rounded ends of heavy-duty wheels make moving items mounted on them easier. In addition, the casters can bear a greater weight than their conventional counterparts, reducing the chance of overexertion injuries. These benefits make casters the preferred choice for industrial use. Whether relocating heavy items or equipment, casters will increase your productivity by easing the burden on your joints.

Caster wheels resist damage from shocks and falls.

The construction material of caster wheels is crucial for their durability and longevity. Some types of wheels are more resistant to shocks and falls than others. For example, polyurethane elastomers are easy to clean and are resistant to most chemicals. Polyurethane elastomer wheels are great for food processing plants and industrial washdowns applications. But you should be careful when choosing these wheels because they can damage floors.

Rubber formulations also matter in determining a castor wheel’s abrasion and cutting resistance. Good-quality compounds contain a high proportion of raw rubber and small carbon black particles. Choosing a wheel that has a low rubber percentage can result in a reduced level of durability. In addition, carbon black is a natural anti-abrasive material, so low-cost wheels may not offer adequate protection.

Caster wheels work well on rough and uneven surfaces.

For industrial purposes, you may need industrial wheels that work well on uneven and rough surfaces. Fortunately, there are many different kinds of caster wheels, including leveling caster wheels. These wheels allow you to move industrial equipment quickly on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, this is an essential feature in any industrial setting. You will find that leveling caster wheels are beneficial in this situation. Here are some of the advantages of leveling caster wheels.

V-Groove wheels are an excellent example of this. These wheels are made from grey iron castings with 90-degree grooves that direct the load to the inverted-angle iron track. These wheels are excellent for controlling load flow over a large area and are ideal for heavy loads. They also ensure proper weight distribution per wheel. While they are suited for large loads, they do not tend to mark the floor.

Caster wheels resist damage from shocks and falls.

A wide range of materials is available for industrial wheels,

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What Is a Disability Income Benefit?

A disability insurance policy provides replacement income to a policyholder if they cannot work. A disability policy has specific terms and conditions and optional provisions called riders. Riders explain what happens if a policyholder becomes disabled. A popular rider is a cost of living adjustment rider, which states the insurance company will increase the benefit to keep up with inflation or other cost-of-living increases.

It’s an income replacement.

Disability income insurance provides financial assistance in the event of a disability that prevents the policyholder from working. These policies have several key components. First, both short-term and long-term policies have different benefit periods. Choosing between the two types of policies will depend on the time the policyholder will be disabled. Long-term policies are generally cheaper than short-term policies.

A typical disability income insurance policy will replace a percentage of a policyholder’s pre-disability income. The rate varies depending on the policy but is typically fifty to seventy percent. It may also include a maximum benefit amount. The benefits paid will not be coordinated with social security benefits. Typically, disability income insurance is purchased on an individual basis. A person can find a policy that provides an indexed benefit amount to keep pace with inflation.

It’s based on demographics.

Using demographics to determine disability benefits is an essential part of administering disability benefits, as it can be used to target application support services. The social security administration publishes actuarial studies comparing the mortality rates of DI beneficiaries with the general population. In these studies, the mortality rate of DI beneficiaries is higher in their first year on the rolls than in subsequent years. While mortality rates among DI beneficiaries declined during the study period, they remained close to the levels of the early 20th century.

Demographic data are collected from the National Beneficiary Survey and agency administrative records. These statistics include information such as age, gender, and education level. Statistical data on the number of Americans with disabilities are based on the characteristics of the population of each state. For example, beneficiaries’ age and education level is based on socio-demographic data, which is not complete for every state. Although this information may not reflect the most limiting conditions, it helps understand the factors that determine disability benefits.

It’s noncancelable

If you’re concerned about re-qualification, you might want to consider a disability income insurance policy that is noncancelable. A noncancelable policy will remain the same price for the term of your policy, no matter how old you get. This is particularly important for younger physicians. In addition, noncancelable policies are a great way to lock in your low rates. However, they are not as flexible as non-cancelable policies.

Generally, an individual disability insurance policy is tax-free, but a group plan might be taxable. A non-cancelable policy is a good option for physicians since they can qualify for lower premiums when they are still in their prime earning years. Non-cancelable insurance policies also don’t fluctuate with monthly payments, and they don’t stop paying if your

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Use Self Storage For Your Valuables

Use Self Storage For Your Valuables

People collect numerous personal belongings through time. This is a reality regardless of a person’s status in life. Even those who remain single in their lifetime can still accumulate valuable items.

Among people’s valuable possessions are antiques and art works such as paintings and sculptures. As these are collector’s items, they are usually bought at a high price and as such, they deserve to be well taken care of and stored in the proper place by their owners.

For people who have no extra space in their homes to keep their antiques and art collections, the self storage facility is the perfect solution. This is a popular storage place today which an increasing number of homeowners, students, professionals and business owners facing space problems utilizing it to their great advantage.

Here are some ways then you can follow to ensure your most valuable collections are kept safe and in good condition at self storage units.


Before you pack your belongings, a very important step to take is to clean them. Keep in mind that you’ll be storing them in a room for a certain period of time so you might as well keep them clean beforehand. Do remember as well that dust, dirt and other allergens that settle on antiques and textiles can result in the deterioration of your items.


Make sure to wrap your antiques and art works with products free from chemicals. Avoid items with acid such as certain types of tissue paper as it can cause damage to the item.

If you have antique furniture you need to keep, use a bubble wrap or cloth to wrap it entirely. Ensure then that you don’t put other items on or close beside it.

With regards to paintings that are framed, using the glassine paper for wrapping purposes is strongly recommended. This will prevent air, water and grease from penetrating the items. The next step is to wrap the entire painting again using a cling plastic wrap followed by putting cardboards on each side. Finally, tie packing foam around it for added protection.

For certain items, you may want to disassemble them to make sure they don’t get damaged in self storage units. Wrap separately the parts and mark them properly for fast and easy identification later on.


Before storing your valuable antiques and collections, apply the appropriate treatment product. This will ensure that the items will retain their good condition for a long time. So for wooden antiques, you can purchase a wood conditioner and an appropriate one for leather antiques.

For other items such as textiles and quilts, these should be kept in a flat manner and then covered with a cotton sheet. For clothes, using an acid free tissue paper and placing them in between the folds will be helpful. Silverware should be ideally placed inside a wooden chest or if not available, just wrap it in a soft cotton cloth.

You may also want to request …

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Why Use A Warehouse?

Why Use A Warehouse?

People use the services of a warehouse for many reasons. They need to store household stuff, business documents, and even vehicles and boats. When garage storage does not seem enough, they go to a storage facility and keep their stuff there. Besides, there are a number of reasons as well that prompts people to use a storage facility.

Storage For Household Items

Storage of household things like tools and sports equipment can clutter your space. These things are difficult to manage at home due to lack of space. For instance, people store their skiing equipment in summers in the storage units. These things are safe and easily managed at these units. Some facilities have climate controlled units so that extreme weather does not play spoilsport. These units act as auxiliary units for homes. They can be utilized while you are moving or making room for guests. These are good even if one is renovating his place or simply wants to make the space look clutter-free.

These self storage units have easy access and security features. The units are ideal for electronics to collectibles to priceless photos to furniture storage. There are mini storage units and big units. One can rent these facilities for a short period of time or if he is extending his home. Rental trucks are also available at these facilities to move the customers’ household items across the town or country. Well-lit surroundings, CCTV cameras, full stock of packing supplies, and electronic gate access are some of the other reasons why the household items remain secure here.

Storage For Business-Related Things

A warehouse is also a place where important documents, paperwork, and precious electronics can be saved. Office equipment can also be stored in the case if the office is moving from one location to another. Product samples and other literature of a product can also be stored at a self storage. The workplace can look uncluttered and unorganized due to too many boxes and files. Important and confidential files can get lost in the mess. The easy, drive-up access, 24-hour video recordings, and climate controlled units make these warehouses popular with businesses.

Storage For Vehicles

Car storage and RV storage is also available at these units. This is an easy solution for parking woes. People wouldn’t want to park their classic car or family’s heirloom vehicle just about anywhere. A warehouse is an answer to their needs. The level of protection is chosen by the customer himself who can choose indoor and outdoor unit according to his need and budget. There is parking space for a family’s recreational vehicle too at these facilities.

Boat storage is another popular type of storage. Boats, trailers and gear can be stored at these facilities. Boating may be a person’s weekend hobby or his passion. Both long and short term storage is available.

Apart from all this, a warehouse is needed to store valuables like artifacts, antiques, and jewelry. A unit can either be leased or …

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Different Sizes Of Self Storage Units

Different Sizes Of Self Storage Units

If you are planning to purchase shelf storage units, there are several factors that need to be considered to ensure that you get the perfect size as per your requirement. These units are available in a wide range of sizes and in this article we will discuss the various factors that must be considered before purchasing them and the different sizes that are available. The first and most important factor that you must consider in order to determine the most suitable size is the number and type of items that you plan to store. Creating a list is mostly useful because this way you are less likely to forget any items that require more space. When creating the list make sure you keep some space for items that you may wish to add in the future.

After you have finalized all the items that you need to store in the units, you may consider the other factors such as the size and weight of the products. Some of the items can be kept one over the other, while some of them may be oddly shaped and take up a lot of space. To correctly determine the size of storage unit that you would require, it is recommended that you stack all your belongings together and measure with a tape to determine the space required.

Besides the number of items and their weight, you may also consider the period of time for which you need to store these items because if you plan to store for long then you would need to provide proper ventilation. Alternatively, if you are packing for a short time, then you may pack the items compactly without leaving any space for ventilation. If there are items that need to be used on a regular basis, make sure that you arrange the items in a way to allow easy access. Some of the common sizes for storage units are given below:

5×5 storage units: These units are roughly the size of a small sized walk-in closet and it is perfect to store your personal belongings, small furniture, boxes, skis, business records, children’s toys, or business documents.

7.5×10 storage units: These boxes are ideal to store the small furniture items, chairs, sofas, box springs, chest of drawers, mattresses, business records and supplies, and other important documents.

10×10 storage units: This size is perfect to accommodate the entire contents of a single bedroom including the major appliances, furniture items and other supplies.

10×15 storage units: This size is ideal to contain the contents of a double bedroom apartment or medium sized home, including the furniture items, home appliances, and other important items. A slightly bigger size would work for a three bedroom apartment or house.

To get the best value, it is important that you correctly determine the right size of the boxes. If you are unsure about the correct size, you may consult the staff at the storage facility and they will …

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Are You A Business Owner — Or Operator?

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