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If you might want to write a letter for knowledgeable setting, it is crucial you recognize enterprise letter format. So I feel you’ll be able to tell your students that both is OKAY, however that when addressing the envelope they should begin the postcode on a new line (I confess that I didn’t know this till I checked the website and have all the time alternated randomly between the 2).\n\nAnd, if you don’t know the gender of the recipient – – such is the case for gender-impartial names like Lindsey or Tracy – – it’s okay simply to place their first and last identify.) Following the recipient’s identify, in case you’re sending it to a enterprise tackle, you’ll want to include the corporate title.\n\nHowever, in this format, the date and shutting are tabbed to the middle point. Save informal, chatty language for e-mail – your printed enterprise letter needs to be friendly but extra skilled. When the 2 people are on a first name basis, the salutation can as a substitute read, Pricey first name.\n\nFor these of you who’re very devoted to enhancing your English writing expertise, we suggest that you go check out the programs and books by Inklyo These have been designed to show English college students tips on how to improve their writing, and they might be just what that you must preserve transferring ahead!…

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Make It Rain: How to Increase Your Average Order Value

If you’re looking for a way to boost revenue, consider your average order value. This refers to the average amount a customer spends when shopping at your ecommerce store. Naturally, the larger the order, the more revenue you bring in. Here are some strategies to boost your average order value with little effort on your part.

1. Offer Free Shipping With Minimum Spend Threshold
Free shipping is a hot marketing tool, both during the winter holiday season as well as the rest of the year. But because you’ve got to pay for that free shipping, you want to ensure that you have enough profit margin on an order to do so. Your best bet? Set a minimum purchase amount to qualify for free shipping, such as $50.

If you use checkout messaging that encourage shoppers to add more to their carts (“You’re almost there! Spend just $8.61 more to get free shipping!”), you’ll inspire more customers to up their spend, even beyond that threshold number.

2. Create Product Bundles
Another strategy for increasing average order value is to create bundles of products that complement one another, such as makeup and a makeup bag, or baby clothes and a rattle, or even just multiples of the same product. Because the bundles have a price that is more competitive than buying each item individually, shoppers find it a good value.

For you, the perk is in boosting how much a customer spends with you. This is also a good strategy for introducing customers to products they might not otherwise have purchased, or getting rid of products that haven’t been selling well.

3. Use Upselling to Your Advantage
If you’ve ever been ready to check out with your purchase online and seen a “You might also like” suggestion with products you can add to your order, you’ve seen upselling first-hand. Amazon is king at this. Each product page lists products that are frequently bought together, as well as other purchases people who have bought this item have also made.

Stick to related products with your upsell. If you’re selling a Halloween wreath, your upsell might be a bat candle or witch rug. Your customer is already in the mindset of buying this particular type of product, so by appealing to her in suggesting other related products, you just might increase what she spends with you.

4. Leverage a “Before You Go” Offer
At the last possible minute, just as the customer clicks “buy now” in her cart, you can include a special last-minute offer for more of the same product or a similar one at a discounted price. She wouldn’t have known you’d offer this promotion when she first added items to her cart, but now she will consider buying additional ones since you so generously are offering her a last-minute deal.

For example: you sell packs of 10 handcrafted cards for $15, and a shopper is prepared to buy one pack. But as she nears completion of her purchase, you offer her two more packs for an additional $15, a 50% savings. If she’s smart, she’ll buy more and save.

These are just a few of the ways you can increase your average order value, and overall boost revenues for your ecommerce store. Generally, you should look at the feedback you receive, and use it to improve your offerings. Feedback is a powerful tool, because it comes directly from your customers!


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Advantages to Outsourcing Benefits Administration Functions

Managing employee benefits can be complicated when you need to balance offering the right kind of benefits with a cost-effective process. As a good employer, you want to do what is right for your employees. However, you also know that employee benefits are potentially the #1 expenditure. Consider benefits administration in Florida to help you handle this balancing act.

Finding the right balance can be difficult when you are trying to keep all parties happy. Yet, outsourcing the administration of employee benefits provides many advantages.

More Focus on HR Strategy

Most benefits managers find they spend more time researching compliance requirements and filling out forms than on initiatives. Honing benefits communications practices or aligning business strategy with benefits strategy gets pushed to the side.

Outsourcing benefits administration can free up your time to do things that helps your business attract and keep the best talent. You can be instrumental in turning a nonrevenue generating department into one that directly impacts the bottom line in positive ways.

Improve Employee Experience

If you hand benefits administration in Florida to experts, you can give employees a better experience. They would deal with benefits experts who specialize in providing service to employees. Typically, these people are knowledgeable of the latest in benefits and cutting-edge technology.

They can advise employees to help them make better choices. This results in a better experience for employees that can lead to higher job satisfaction.

Better Employee Engagement

Employees who are satisfied become better engaged. Being free from menial and time-consuming administrative tasks means your HR team has more time to focus on strategic activities. Combine these two results of outsourcing and you can be more responsive to other concerns employees may have. As a result, retention and engagement improves.

Managing benefits administration does not have to be difficult when you involve an outside company. Instead, establishing, maintaining and managing benefits for employees becomes an easier process.

The days when employee benefits administration in Florida meant completing stacks of paper and manually entering information are gone. Going with a modern solution means you give employees access to real-time information. Their needs are met without sacrificing the needs of your business.…

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The Timeless Beauty of a Watch

Watches have been a timeless classic piece of jewelry for hundreds of years. From the distinction of the treasured pocket watches passed on for generations, to today’s highly diverse timepieces, high quality watches truly are a gift that can last generations.

While traditional classic watches were known for their class and fine jewelry appearance as well as their time keeping ability, the modern watch has become so many things. Modern watches like the ones at: can carry a wide variety of features including the month, date and year which became popular in the late 70’s. However, they can also have such features as: a compass, stop watch, moon phases, differing time zones and so much more.

History of Watches

The original watch which was carried as a piece of jewelry that defined the stature of the person wearing it, was known as the pocket watch and was predominantly used by men from the 14th century until the early 20th century. The wristwatch became the new craze in time pieces and became popular for both men and women from the mid-20th century.

There have been many significant changes in watches over the centuries. Many of these changes have been in the last 100 years as technology has advanced. Aside from watches becoming a wrist worn piece of jewelry in the early 20th century, how they are powered has changed a great deal as well. Until the 1960’s, watches were a classic mechanical driven clockwork device. They were driven by winding a spring which kept time with an oscillating balance wheel within the watch.

The Emergence of Quartz Watches

In the 1960’s, the first series of quartz watches emerged. These watches were powered by a battery cell. The continuation of the time keeping device within the watch was maintained by the vibration of a quartz crystal. Not long after this, the digital watch emerged which was powered by a battery. The digital watch changed the classic 12-hour timepiece face of a watch to a simple numeric time display.

The Diverse Watches of Today

Today’s watches can keep time in any of these three ways and are advanced enough that they can be used as so much more than a watch. The “Smart Watch”, which is a fairly new device offers some minor cell phone app benefits. Additionally, many have the capacity to advise the wearer of their heart rate and pulse along with blood pressure and other health and exercise monitoring.

Tactical watches are another more recent advancement in watches. They are designed to be rugged and durable. They also often operate on military time, are scratch resistant, waterproof, and often have compass, stop watch and alarm features as well as the traditional time keeping feature. Another great watch addition has been the Altimeter watch. These watches can tell altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, give compass stats, offer GPS guidance and TOPO mapping.

Because today’s watches are so diverse in what they offer, they have increasingly become a great gift for people of all ages. Giving a watch as a gift is the perfect way to show you care.

Their diverse designs make them great for athletes and elites, the health conscious and the tech guru as well as people who just want a good reliable timepiece. During the holidays as well as birthdays and anniversaries, watches are widely known to be one of the best gifts to give and receive.…

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Get Your People Typing

If you own an office business or are a teacher, you may want your staff or students to know how to type without looking at the keyboard and to type quickly. This may seem impossible at first, but there are many resources available to you.

Take Advantage Of Free Courses

The first thing you should do is take advantage of free courses. There are courses online that are absolutely free, and you can easily make an account for everyone who will be using the course. These courses usually run between two months and a year, and they usually come with some sort of certificate, too.

Search For Hardware Programs

The next thing you can do is search for hardware programs. These are programs that come with specific keyboards to help people learn how to type quicker. A good example of a hardware program is SpeedSkin. This is a program that sends users a cover to put over their keyboard. The cover hides all of the letters, so users need to memorize where all the letters are before putting the cover on. This tool has helped thousands of people learn to type efficiently. You can click here to learn more.

Typing without looking at a keyboard was once a hobby. However, today, many jobs and even colleges want their attendees to know how to type without looking at the keyboard. In addition to the methods listed here, there are tons of other ways people can learn to type, too. The best way to discover future methods would be to talk to as many people about it as possible. This will allow you to not only learn of other ways to teach people typing, but this will also allow you to learn other theories about typing, too.…

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4 Tips for Lowering Your Car Insurance Bills

Do you hate paying for car insurance? Join the club. No one takes joy in the act, but the good news is that you can soften the blow of your monthly bills if you’re willing to make a few changes in your life. Here are just four tips for lowering your auto insurance rates.

1. Take a Driver’s Ed Course

Many insurance companies are willing to cut you a deal if you show a dedication to safe driving. They figure that your chances of getting into an accident will be much lower if you’ve been recently educated on the rules of the road. Ask your insurance company if they offer this kind of price cut for taking a driver’s ed course.

2. Upgrade Your Vehicle

This will take a little cash, but if you’re already upgrading your vehicle, you should throw in some safety and security features like airbags and auto-locking doors. Again, the insurance company figures that they’ll spend less in the long run for a safe, protected driver, so they’re often willing to give discounts to these individuals.

3. Raise Your Deductible

This isn’t an ideal solution, but if you just need to lessen your financial burdens for awhile to get back on your feet, consider raising your deductible and lowering your monthly premiums. You can always switch back once your bank account has a little padding again. This doesn’t have to be a permanent decision.

4. Ask for a Deal

You might be surprised by how often that companies are willing to make a deal with customers who simply ask for them. They might not have any special promos or price cuts going on at that very moment, but they can let you know if one is coming up. You can’t be sure unless you ask.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you want to lower your car insurance premiums. If you’ve yet to actually purchase a policy, consider contacting representatives for car insurance Lodi CA. They can help you get started with finding and selecting the right policy for you.…

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Some Other Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant

Information technology, or the utilization of networks of computers for tasks like saving, picking, and transmitting digital information, is a popular field. Even though the concept of information technology has existed for upwards of 40 years, business owners, managers, and executives – to this very day – still generally don’t grasp the important concept of the inner workings of information technology (IT).

The fact that most businesspeople – at least those who aren’t tech gurus and trained IT professionals – aren’t very familiar with IT is paradoxical; companies with greater technological abilities are better able to experience success in whatever particular fields they serve. To keep up with the latest information technology systems, practices, and securities, companies regularly hire IT consulting services in the name of generating spot-on business IT solutions.

Here are some other benefits of hiring IT consultants – they’re all highly valuable.

Cybersecurity Is A Growing Illicit Trade – IT Consultants Help Protect Your Business From Online Attacks

As you know, it’s impossible to completely safeguard any business from Internet-directed attacks. However, one of the many business IT solutions that IT consultants bring to the table is that of increasing cybersecurity.

Cybercriminals tend to target companies that haven’t updated their computers’ operating systems and other forms of tech because they’re inherently vulnerable – if those technologies were completely safe and secure, they wouldn’t have been updated in the first place.

Consultants Provide Indepedent Opinions

If employees were to make suggestions to higher-ups – or even their peers – about how to improve their IT infrastructure, they might get swept up in office politics. In the event that the IT consultant that a company hired shared the exact sentiments, their insights would be happily accepted because – after all – that’s what consultants are there for.

Companies would save time and money if they could think of effective business it solutions themselves. However, because IT is generally hard to understand, IT consultants will always find steady employment.…