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You Are Broke Because You Want to Be

You Are Broke Because You Want to Be

Our country is in a financial crisis. Thousands of people are out of a job and many more are in major debt. There are ways to avoid debts, live frugally and still enjoy the good things in life. You do not need to make extreme large amounts of money to survive. You can choose to get by on a regular salary and put a lot of money into savings while fulfilling your wants and needs.

The key to living frugally is to spend less than you earn and put the rest into paying off debts, savings or investments. Another great thing to consider is the less you spend the less you need to earn. If you do not want to work a lot or you want a less stressful job, you can take the pay cut. All of need to do is learn to live on less. You can spend less money and spend more time building stronger relationships with family and friends.

Here are a couple of ways you can cut down your spending:

– Live in a smaller home. You can save a lot of money by having a smaller house payment. Be willing to make a few sacrifices and you will find that you can live in a smaller house and have considerably smaller house payments.

– Plant a garden. Food can get expensive, especially when you have a family to feed. Eating food from your garden will help to reduce your grocery bill each month and it will also give you the chance to spend more time outside and improve your health.

– Quit trying to keep up with the Joneses. People get into large amounts of debt when they try to have what their neighbors have or what their parents have. We are an impulsive generation and we want everything right now. Save up and pay for things in cash. You will appreciate what you have more and you will avoid debt.

Make the choice to live on less. You can be broke and still be happy because you have the things you want in life. Live within your means and enjoy the satisfaction of living a debt free life. There are so many things you can do to reduce how much money you spend each month. Give it a try and pay off your debts and save up some money in the bank. You will be extremely happy when you do!