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Why the Rack and Shelving Industry Is Reaching New Heights 

At the heart of every successful and functioning warehouse lies a planned-out system that combines the key aspects of storage and logistics. This is why the rack and shelving industry is reaching new heights – being an integral part of both.

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Racks and shelving for warehouses allow people to eliminate clutter whilst also maximising the floor space available in the warehouse. Boltless shelving and racking will also allow workers in the space to be safer and work more efficiently, a great booster for productivity in a business. In a warehouse all space is incredibly valuable and hard to find, so shelving and racking is truly proving its worth.

A New Safety Perspective

As the rack and shelving industry continues to rise, the focus has shifted more towards a safety aspect. Worker safety is a huge factor within today’s businesses, so picking out specific boltless shelving that has safety gates is one of the trends we can see today. These specially designed gates are put in place to protect workers from any sort of falling hazard. They also allow you to transfer materials safely on them.

More and more new features for shelving and racking solutions are available, including boltless shelving. These features can help protect the product you have on your racks. For example, there’s racking that is protected from damage that can be incurred by forklifts. It also prevents products from being forced to the floor through the back of the rack.

Moving Forward

As the industry for racks and shelving continues to rise, we see the need for more selective types of shelving from different businesses. Some warehouses are being built taller to hold more, and these spaces need much higher shelving. Warehouses that make use of forklifts are demanding narrower shelving to allow for faster movement around the space.

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It’s not just the structure of the shelving that has changed. Many businesses have moved away from the traditional warehouse arrangements and are changing to make the entire space work more efficiently for them.

More warehouses will be in demand as the year continues, so it’s important for companies to have the right shelving and racking solutions that are interchangeable to allow for growth and flexibility in capacity.