Smart Blonde: Your Premier Source For Unique Holiday Gifts And Wholesale Essentials
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Smart Blonde: Your Premier Source For Unique Holiday Gifts And Wholesale Essentials

We are Smart Blonde, our legacy of over 25 years in the novelty wholesale industry has established us as a premier name in the realm of unique holiday gifts and essentials for gift shops and boutique owners. We specialize in crafting high-quality aluminum license plates and signs, offering an array of sizes and shapes that cover a wide range of themes, from the whimsy of animals and gnomes to the topical appeal of political phrases, gay pride, and marijuana icons. Our diverse collection ensures that we cater to the eclectic tastes of your customers, making us your go-to wholesale gift shop suppliers.

Product Excellence And Variety

Our journey began over a quarter-century ago, focusing on manufacturing products that not only resonate with the trends but also stand the test of time in quality and design. Our magnets and keychains, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, come shrink-wrapped in a stack. We ensure that the magnets are placed back-to-back to prevent any scratching of the designs, while the keychain rings are separately wrapped from the metal key chain. This meticulous packaging guarantees that our products remain in pristine condition, surviving the rigors of transit, whether via UPS or USPS, without bending or damage.

Innovative Signage Solutions

As part of our holiday wholesale offerings, we present a unique collection of signs in varied shapes, including surfboards, arrows, bottle caps, circles, mason jars, and more. Each sign is designed with pre-drilled mounting holes, facilitating easy display in any setting, using strings, wires, ribbons, nails, or other hanging hardware. Additionally, they are compatible with plate display stands and frames, offering versatility in how they can be showcased in your store.

Customization And Creativity

Recognizing the need for customization in the wholesale gifts market, we offer license plate strips by state background and by icon on the strip. These have proven popular among our clients, who purchase them either in specific states or as an assortment, allowing complete customization for their end customers. Whether it’s for creating wooden signs, using them in display stands, or offering them with magnets, the possibilities for creativity are limitless.

More Than Just Signs

Our product range extends beyond signs. We offer a 4-piece set of circular coasters with cork backing, dog tags with a rubber outer guard and an 18″ chain, and a variety of magnet shapes including dog bones, highway shields, surfboards, and more. All our magnets are made of aluminum with a magnet strip adhered to the back, ensuring easy display. The keychains, equipped with a metal key ring, are designed with the ring wrapped to the back of the keychain itself, not pre-installed, to protect the keychain during shipping.

Commitment To Trends And Quality

At Smart Blonde, we are continually reviewing current trends and exploring potential new items to add to our collection. This commitment ensures that as your gift shop suppliers, we provide you with quality products that you can resell proudly. Our focus is not just on the products we offer but also on the service that accompanies them.

Unparalleled Service And Reliability

Our pride lies in our fast shipping, a variety of product offerings, regular updates with new products, and unparalleled customer service. We understand how important it is to get orders quickly and make sure they get to you on time. Our large inventory and readily available metal supplies mean minimal shipping delays for our customers. In the very unlikely event that a customer is unhappy with some part of their order, we offer individual customer service (not an automated answer) to make things right.

Smart Blonde is more than just a wholesale supplier; we are a partner in your business’s success. We want to help you meet your customers’ needs and grow your business by offering a wide range of high-quality goods, quick shipping, and great customer service. Choose Smart Blonde for all your novelty and holiday wholesale needs, and experience the difference that quality, variety, and service can make.