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Shopping Around For Self Storage Units

Shopping Around For Self Storage Units

Despite the tough economic times, the self storage industry is growing at a massive rate with more people than ever searching for extra room to store cars, furniture and general possessions. The problem with this is that there are many potential places to store your property, and a plethora of choices to make in regards to whether or not your goods are in the safest place possible.

Check the business out online

The first sign of quality is to look into the website that the provider operates. Usually you can see their credentials and customer testimonials and the standards that they operate under. This is usually a good way to gauge whether or not this is a professional operation. Look for regulation compliance and accreditations.

Inspect the property

Before going in to pay for your services, it might be a good idea to inspect the lots yourself for primarily ease of access via car. If you are planning on using this facility at odd hours, it is essential that you have regular access to the facility and can find it easily from the street. Beyond that it is important to have a quick look for any signs of moisture leaking out or into the storage units.

Look into the units

Another important aspect when planning on investing in self storage facilities is that whether or not the unit fits your needs. As all units vary in size it’s important when getting a quote to look at precisely how much space you will be getting for the price agreed upon.

This would be a perfect point to look into the security and insurance measures put in place to protect your property, this is especially essential in inner city storage facilities. CCTV and security guards are pretty much the minimum that you should expect when looking to protect your property.

Pricing and approaching contracts

A lot of self storage facilities will ask a minimum contract when it comes to signing up, as you couldn’t example simply use them for only a week. Shopping around is essential at this point when comparing prices as the points involved differ massively from source to source. It can also be advantageous to estimate how long you will need to use the storage facility for, as over long term period’s costs will increase or decrease depending on the type of contracts that you have agreed upon with your storage provider.