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Security Features to Look For in Self Storage Units

Security Features to Look For in Self Storage Units

When storing valuable personal belongings in a separate place other than the home, many people are very particular about security. It’s a natural instinct especially since those items were bought using hard-earned money or inherited from very important people such as grandparents and parents.

Fortunately, this is not a major problem when using self storage facilities. Operators of these rental units value their clients the reason why they have built and prepared their area well to ensure that the most advanced security features are in place. Most of these businesses allow only the renter to have exclusive access to his or her self storage unit to prevent any loss of items.

If you’re considering utilizing this type of facility any time soon, it may be to your benefit to be aware of the security measures to look for. By learning about this, you can then choose the right provider that will suit your needs.

Lock and key. An enclosed unit usually has a door and this should have a lock and key in place. The lock system can either utilize a key or access code. Some companies only give the key to the renter while some providers may provide one of their staff a duplicate key just for checking purposes.

Sound alarm system. This can be linked to the door so that the staff is alerted whenever it creates a sound. You may want to consider this feature as well.

Locked gate. Any self storage facility regardless of the area it covers should have a gate with a lock. This is to ensure that no outsiders can easily get inside the premises.

Fencing. The surrounding area should be well fenced. With this in place, nobody can just enter the place.

Security guards. Some self storage providers invest in hiring security guards to protect the premises of the facility. With guards manning the facility round the clock, burglars will be kept at bay and the items stored inside are protected.

Onsite manager. The presence of an onsite manager is another feature that you can consider. At least with somebody keeping watch of the premises most of the time, other people not doing business will not be allowed to get access to the facility.

Surveillance camera. Most self storage operators invest heavily on this tool. Called a CCTV or closed circuit television camera, this is very helpful in monitoring and recording the activities within the facility. This should be installed in every unit to keep track of the items stored and capture evidence should somebody gets access to a particular unit. The surveillance camera has been instrumental in solving many criminal acts that take place in department stores, banks and other institutions.

Don’t hesitate to ask about these features from the staff of the self storage facility you’re planning to approach. The staff should be well trained to answer questions regarding this issue to encourage potential customers to decide right there and then to enter into a contract. Make sure, though, to read and understand carefully the facility’s policies before signing the contract.