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Five Reasons To Rent a Self-Storage Unit

Five Reasons To Rent a Self-Storage Unit

Are you tired of constantly tripping over things in your own home, not because the house is a mess but because you simply have too much stuff cramped in your rooms? Do people tease you about auditioning for a show like “Hoarders” because you seem to have everything in the world packed into a small space? This may be the time to consider renting a unit from a self-storage facility. Perhaps you haven’t done so yet due to the expense involved – prices will vary depending on the size of the unit and the duration of your rental. If you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons to consider going through with a rental.

1) You get your house back! If your home is cluttered with holiday decoration that see the light of day one month a year, clothes that don’t fit anybody, and other items you may not need right at this moment, what is the point of keeping them in valuable space? If you’re not ready to give up these things, but know you don’t expect to use them anytime soon, put them in storage. You can collect holiday decorations when needed, and retrieve the clothes to hand me down when it’s time. In the meantime, you create space in your home and don’t feel so closed in.

2) You provide a secure place for your stuff. Many reputable self-storage units are equipped with security cameras and locks, so you can feel better about keeping certain things out of the home. If you have antique furniture or other items you want to store for later use, the storage unit provides for a secure environment for your belongings.

3) It’s not as expensive as you think it is. Depending on what you have and the size of unit you want, you may pay as little as fifty dollars a month to store your goods. If you are military, you may receive discounts. Do your research to see what storage companies are charging, and work it into your budget.

4) If you live in an area susceptible to bad weather, you may find the durability of a storage unit is better for some of your items than your garage. Furniture is better off stored in a facility that is temperature controlled and secure.

5) Lastly, you owe it to yourself to live in a less cluttered environment. When you make the space, you also improve your quality of life. You’ll feel less agitated and annoyed by clutter, and productivity and attitude will improve.

Consider renting a storage unit for the stuff you don’t need on a daily basis. Storage is safe, affordable, and helps keep your home cleaner.