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Don’t Be the Victim of Counterfeit Jewelry

As of late, it seems that there have been more and more cases of counterfeit jewelry being found out and confiscated. For those who purchased the fake jewelry, this can be an understandably frustrating situation. After all, these objects were bought as tokens of affection for their sweethearts. To find out that those tokens were actually faked or not worth as much as they originally thought can not only be an embarrassment, but it could cause a bit of friction in the relationship, too. Then, of course, there’s the financial part of it to consider. Sometimes, jewelry stores can’t pay back all of the refunds that their buyers demand, and the victims are left incredibly hurt by the experience. The stores, too, are hurt by this situation. Sometimes, they can even be sunk into bankruptcy and are forced to close their doors.

The next time you see a, we buy jewelry Albuquerque NM sign, you’ll want to make sure that the store is credible and reputable. Expensive brand names should be expensive. When Valentine’s Day comes along, you can expect a few sales, of course, but if the price is a tenth of what it normally is, there’s a good chance that it’s a counterfeit piece. There are, of course, ways to protect yourself.

Selling jewelry to jewelry stores can turn a nice profit provided that you are savvy in the market and understand just what it is that you’re selling. Do a little bit of research on the computer to find out how to determine the worth of the jewelry piece you intend to sell. When it comes to haggling–and there is always haggling in a jewelry store–you’ll have a better idea of a reasonable number to give to them. They’ll also know that you know what you’re talking about, and as such, they won’t be tempted to pull the wool over your eyes. After all, they’re a business and have to turn a profit, too. However, if you can come to the negotiation armed with knowledge about the piece, chances are you can make yourself a pretty decent deal.

Some tips to get you started in determining counterfeit jewelry from the real deal is to look for brand names. That’s always your best start. If there’s a brand physically attached to the jewelry and it matches the price you think such a brand name would cost, then it’s likely the real deal. In regard to diamonds, they always come with certification. If the store in question doesn’t automatically give you the certificate, then ask for it.

These are just two starting points to help you avoid becoming the next victim of counterfeit jewelry. Not all stores are out to get you, however. Many simply want to help you find the perfect piece to present to your sweetheart. Once you can find such a store and clientele, stick with them and form a relationship. When you intend to sell jewelry back to them, it could actually help you negotiate.