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Do You Need Off-Site Data Storage?

Do You Need Off-Site Data Storage?

These days, there are hundreds, if not thousands of off-site data storage companies springing up every year. With all of the various options available, it can be downright confusing to business owners. Should you backup your data yourself, using one of the inexpensive software and hardware product suites? Or, does it make more sense to hire an secure remote off-site data storage firm to handle this endeavor?

Securely backing up your data is a critically important safety measure for every company whether you deal in a large amount of data, or even if you data pool is relatively shallow. Why so important? Even the most responsible business owner who regularly backs up data can be subject to uncontrollable disasters. Mother Nature, for example, often strikes when we least expect, and at times where we are woefully unprepared. There are more than enough of unpredictable moments that occur through life that require companies to prepare for the unknown, like flash floods, lightning damage, or even fires. While thankfully rare, natural disasters have occurred numerous times to companies and result in a huge expense of time and lost revenue. In extreme cases, businesses have even been forced to close due to these types of challenges.

Having data stored off-site simply means that you now have at least two locations where you data is secure. However, your data is not sitting in “digital limbo” waiting for the day you come to collect it all. Many providers allow for continual access to files and folders, so you can access this information whenever is appropriate. However, in an emergency, if you need access to all of your data, your provider can usually make this happen quickly. We asked one of our providers who stated that he can help a business recover all their data in sometimes as little as a few hours.

A quick personal note about disaster: Years ago I worked for a company who was one of the larger tenants in the World Trade Center. Back in 1993, after the unfortunate bombing, this company put in a disaster recovery plan for all of its employees (and there were hundreds). What they did was rent office space in New Jersey, just across the river. Those offices sat unoccupied for eight years. After the tragedy of 9/11, all employees were moved to the New Jersey location to resume business. They had all of their data stored remotely, and were able to begin working quickly.

Companies should expect a tailored service that offers a customized solution of what they will need from a storage company. In many cases, data storage firms will not lock you into unnecessary contract, or hit you with withdrawal penalties if you decide to close the account. When it comes to cost, what you’ll ultimately find is that data is remarkably inexpensive to house off-site. If you’re currently interested in a data storage quote, make sure you receive several bids from vendors to compare price and service options.

It’s no doubt that we are smack in the middle of the information age. These days the world relies on computers and data information to run correctly. Remember the panic that happened in late 1999, when many institutions and news media felt that the millennium could cause a global crisis? If you remember that time, it was about systems working improperly, and not being able to retrieve the correct data. While that crisis was thankfully averted, we still need to ensure that our data’s safety and security are backed up with confidence.

Data management solutions are available so companies have the option to back up all their files to avoid further stress should the worst case scenario come to fruition. Having data stored off-site also means that they are far away from whatever occurs at your place of business. Having some sense of peace that your data is secure will enable you to focus on more important tasks – like running your business!